Strengthening gender equality and empowering Ohio women in public leadership through educational pathways is a priority at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. By viewing leadership through a gender lens and acknowledging the experience and opportunity for women may be different, the Glenn College has developed certificate programs that train women for elected office and as community advocates, degreed programs that focus on women’s leadership in government and non-profit entities, and fostered a network for action to lift the hundreds of women that have served as speakers, mentors and program participants.
NEW Leadership Ohio

NEW Leadership Ohio is a non-partisan, week-long residential program that educates the next generation of college students for public leadership. NEW Leadership Ohio provides leadership training through workshops in public speaking, diversity, work/life balance and sessions featuring elected and professional women dedicated to public service.

Ready to Run

Ready to Run is a bi-partisan program for those who want to run for office, seek higher office, work on a campaign, get appointed to office or learn more about the political system. As a one-day conference, the program addresses laying the groundwork for public life with insight from a panel of current elected officials, campaign messaging, financing your campaign, an overview of the key elements to launching a political campaign and best practices to developing oneself as a community advocate.

Women of POWER

Women of POWER is a networking reception that benefits the John Glenn College of Public Affairs’ nonpartisan leadership programs for Ohio women.

POWER Events

Professional development and networking opportunities tailored for women committed to running for public office and being strong advocates in their communities.


Help support the Glenn College's POWER initiatives by giving to the Glenn College Women's Leadership Initiatives Fund.

POWER Commission

Comprised of women leaders from throughout Ohio, the commission champions the Glenn College POWER initiatives through mentoring, advocating, fundraising, and aiding in the strategic planning process.


IGNITE OSU encourages and empowers young students to develop their political ambition, civic engagement and leadership skills to create a supportive female community within The Ohio State University and to build the next generation of women leaders.


Latest research from the Center for American Women in Politics, the nationally recognized leading source of scholarly research and current data about American women’s political participation.

The Glenn College is committed to nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment for our students, faculty, staff, and guests that celebrates the fundamental value and dignity of everyone by recognizing differences and supporting individuality. We are dedicated to creating a safe space and promoting civil discourse that acknowledges and embraces diverse perspectives on issues and challenges that affect our community.

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