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While students come to the Glenn College with extensive and diverse experience in public service, they all come with a common goal – advancing the greater good through passion, leadership and citizenship. Alumni Insights is a new blog written by Glenn College alumni for others who are also interested in exploring and growing their passion for public service.

Read their blogs below to learn more about leadership development, management, topical policy issues and other aspects related to the public sector.


Alex Highley, MPA '15


Lauren Rummel, MPA '12

Modernizing the Electric Grid

Beth Trombold, MA '12

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Share your ideas about leadership development, management, topical policy concerns and other issues relevant to public service by submitting to Alumni Insights. Submitting is easy and all alumni are welcome to share their expertise.

We ask that your submissions be between 350 and 1,000 words.

Please note that a member of the Glenn College may reach out to you to work through revisions if needed. The responsibility for each post lies with the authors. The Glenn College reserves the right to remove, review or edit any content, at our own discretion.

Not sure of what to write a blog about? Here are some topics we’d love to have your insight on:
  • Management best practices and tools
  • Women in leadership
  • Character-based/moral leadership
  • Sharing your vision–getting others on board
  • Community engagement
  • Overcoming challenges in the workplace
  • Promoting diversity in the workplace
  • Leveraging stakeholders
  • Process improvement successes

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