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Battelle Center for Science and Technology Policy

The mission of the Battelle Center for Science and Technology Policy is to provide leadership and research in the fields of science, technology, and innovation policy. By connecting both public and private sectors with new discoveries and information that aid the policy process, the Battelle Center fosters innovation in science and technology at both the state and national levels. It also serves as a facilitator in research collaboration between Battelle Memorial Institutes and The Ohio State University. Key research and policy areas include energy, environment, space and aviation, health, agriculture, and food policies.

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Ohio Education Research Center

The mission of OERC is to develop and implement a statewide, preschool-through-workforce research agenda to address critical issues of education practice and policy. The OERC identifies and shares successful practices; responds to the needs of Ohio’s educators and policymakers; and signals emerging trends. The OERC communicates its findings broadly through multiple platforms and networks, producing materials, products and tools to improve educational practice, policy, and outcomes.

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Washington Office

Located on Capitol Hill, the Washington office of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs works with the three branches of the federal government and various agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO) to bring the talents of Ohio State faculty, staff and students to bear on current public policy and management issues.

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