Located on Capitol Hill, the Washington, D.C., office of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs works with the three branches of the federal government and various agencies and NGOs to bring the talents of Ohio State faculty, staff and students to bear on current public policy and management issues.

The office also is the headquarters for the Washington Academic Internship Program, an exciting opportunity for Ohio State undergraduates to study and work in the nation’s capital.

Some of the activities of the Washington office include:
  • Recruiting Glenn College alumni to talk to classes about careers in the federal service, securing internships, and mentoring students.
  • Promoting federal service, including active engagement with the Presidential Management Fellowship Program and the recruitment programs of individual federal agencies while encouraging regular interaction among OSU students, alumni, and federal workers.
  • Partnering with the OSU Washington Alumni Club and affinity groups to sponsor policy discussions involving alumni, faculty, and staff.
  • Identifying federal agencies interested in developing training initiatives for their employees as well as seeking opportunities, in conjunction with Ohio State’s Office of Federal Relations, to provide technical assistance in areas of faculty and staff expertise.
  • Recruiting prospective Glenn College graduate students
  • Talking with members Ohio’s Congressional delegation and their staffs to identify potential policy analysis projects that align with faculty expertise.

Contact Information

Katy Hogan
WAIP Program Manager
Phone: 202-403-8537
Email: hogan.124@osu.edu
Address: 444 North Capitol Street N.W., Suite 445B, Washington, DC 20001

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