The Glenn College is committed to nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment for our students, faculty, staff, and guests that celebrates the fundamental value and dignity of everyone by recognizing differences and supporting individuality.

We are dedicated to creating a brave space and promoting civil discourse that acknowledges and embraces diverse perspectives on issues and challenges that affect our community.

To learn about the university’s response to racism, including initiatives, events and resources, click here.

“Our goal at the Glenn College is to provide a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere for everyone and to accurately represent the public whom we are dedicated to serve.”

Message from the Glenn College on Racism and Social Justice

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs grieves the losses of life that have sparked and resulted from events that have torn apart our community and our country. The harms of racism are psychological and material – feeling disenfranchised and vulnerable, and suffering inequality of opportunity and access to safety, employment, health care, housing, schooling, and other important public goods. One of racism’s most destructive forms is when it is perpetrated by a representative of a public body tasked with serving the community. The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many other people of color in the care and custody of public sector professionals are failures of public institutions to protect and serve.

The Glenn College is a community committed to making the world a more democratic and just place with equal access, opportunity, and outcomes for all. The faculty and staff of the College have the privileged responsibility of helping students contribute to something bigger than themselves and of creating knowledge to improve public governance and public policymaking and implementation.

We need your help in this endeavor and seek your counsel and input on how we can help move society forward.

In the weeks and months ahead, we pledge to take active steps to advance the cause of equal, fair and just treatment for all, particularly for those who are harmed by racism in public institutions and by their representatives. These steps will include listening and dialoguing inside and outside the classroom; conducting research that diagnoses the causes and consequences of inequity and racism; and engaging with community members and public organizations, including law enforcement organizations here in Ohio, to adopt policies and practices that promote social justice and equality.

Please join us in this essential work.

Student Spotlight

Frequently Asked Questions
Ohio State’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions leads undergraduate recruitment for the university, while graduate recruitment is the responsibility of each individual graduate department. At the Glenn College, our team is dedicated to recruiting students of color. We coordinate with Undergraduate Admissions representatives and high school counselors to promote our undergraduate programs to diverse student bodies. In addition, a travel grant program assists underrepresented students to visit the college.

To promote our graduate programs, we travel to Historically Black Colleges & Universities around Ohio and regionally, McNair Research Conferences and the US Hispanic Leadership Institute each year. Our team also participates in Ohio State’s Graduate/Professional Student Recruitment Initiative (“GPS Day”), a three-day, diversity-focused visit program.
The college has allocated an annual budget specifically for advertising positions in venues that cater to people of color. We also share postings with specific groups that reach underrepresented minorities with the goal of attracting a diverse pool of candidates.

Each search committee is provided with a college recruitment guide that includes information about hiring best practices, diversity and inclusion, and the university's "Guide to Effective Searches." Faculty search committees are required to complete implicit bias training and appoint a diversity advocate to ensure the search is conducted in accordance with affirmative action priciples. Faculty review criteria include practical experience, university teaching experience, a strong potential for developing a successful research portfolio, and demonstrated success in working with diverse populations and a commitment to diversifying the profession.
For the 2020-2021 academic year, 54% of our incoming graduate fellows are students of color.

Student Funding Opportunities

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs offers a variety of merit-based funding opportunities for incoming students. See the Funding page for more information. These awards are fixed amounts that are paid out over one or more years of graduate study.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) offers several scholarship programs that can help students realize their dream of attending college or studying abroad. ODI also provides grants for education abroad.

Ohio State offers Graduate Enrichment Fellowships to students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.
Glenn College Initiatives

Public Affairs Multicultural Student Organization

PAMSO at the Glenn College brings together students of all ages, races, genders, religions, disabilities and backgrounds to create a welcoming community that enables and encourages collaboration among peers on topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Programs for Women Empowered to Represent

(POWER) The Glenn College POWER program strengthens gender equality and empowers Ohio women in public leadership through educational pathways.
University Initiatives

Multicutural Center

The Student Life Multicultrual Center offers resources to all members of The Ohio State University community while supporting and celebrating specific groups including African/African American, American Indian/Indigenous Peoples, Asian/Asian American, Latino/Hispanic, LGBTQ and allies, women, men and fain communities.

Office of diversity and Inclusion

Through a broad range of programs, the Ohio State University’s Office of diversity and Inclusion (ODI) supports the success of students who enhance the diversity of the university.

Kirwan Institute

The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity connects individuals and communities with the opportunities to thrive by educating the public, building capacity of allied social justice organizations and investing in efforts that support equity and inclusion.

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