The Education Governance and Accountability Project aims to improve understanding of the political institutions governing U.S. public education, so that they may be designed to promote democratic accountability and the efficient provision of K-12 education. The project seeks to achieve this goal by collecting panel data on school district politics across numerous states, making these data available to researchers, and applying rigorous social science research techniques to understand how the politics of public education affect school administration and student learning. The Project is funded primarily by the Spencer Foundation and benefited significantly from initial support from the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences in the Ohio State University’s College of Arts and Sciences. It continues to receive generous administrative support from OSU’s John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Department of Political Science.

We will make available on this page the data we collect and studies analyzing those data. Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in our work.


Vladimir Kogan

Co-Principal Investigator

Stéphane Lavertu

Co-Principal Investigator

Zachary Peskowitz

Co-Principal Investigator

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