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Energy Storage in Sedimentary Basins Workshop
Sponsored by The Ohio State University and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

August 15th and 16th

Columbus, Ohio

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As societies are increasing the deployment and integration of renewable wind and solar energy technologies into the electricity grid, issues with the timing of when the wind blows and when the sun shines relative to electricity demand must be addressed.

These issues may be addressed by bulk energy storage approaches that can time-shift electricity from when it is produced to when it is demanded. An enormous opportunity for energy storage may exist in the large fluid storage capacity of the subsurface, and we are organizing incubator workshop to bring together experts and interested parties from academia, national laboratories, and government agencies to develop paths forward for future investigations of bulk energy storage in sedimentary basins.

This one-and-a-half day workshop will focus on identifying the opportunities and challenges for bulk energy storage in sedimentary basins. An expert facilitator will help guide and moderate the discussion for an outcome-focused workshop. We expect the discussions to include:

  • Energy storage opportunities and approaches that are suitable in sedimentary basins
  • Bulk energy storage as a component of regional energy systems
  • Engineering challenges and opportunities
  • Policy related to energy storage and the deployment of bulk energy storage
  • Challenges in multi-fluid flow systems and modeling
  • Potential financial benefits from providing ancillary services
This workshop is funded by the SedHeat NSF research coordination network. There is opportunity to partially or fully offset travel costs.