In order to graduate, students must fulfill certain requirements including, but not limited to, the following items. A complete and detailed list of graduation requirements can be found on the Graduate School website.

  • successfully complete all required coursework and total credit hours for the degree
  • complete the degree with a graduate cumulative point-hour ratio of at least 3.0
  • achieve a B or better in your Capstone course (unless informed otherwise)
  • enroll in at least 3 graduate credit hours for the term in which you expect to graduate
  • submit the Application to Graduate form by the Graduate School deadline

Checklists, deadlines, requirements, and other pertinent information can be found on the Graduate School Graduation website for master’s students.

Ph.D. students must meet a number of additional requirements, including completion of the candidacy exam, dissertation and oral exam. These requirements have very specific stipulations. Please see the Graduate School website for details.

FAQ for Graduation

Graduation applications are submitted via an online form through Applications to Graduate MUST be submitted using the online form NO LATER than the start of exam week the semester prior to the term you intend to graduate. This gives your advisor time to review your progress and suggest any changes necessary before the start of your last term. The Graduate Programs Coordinator and the Graduate School must approve your application to graduate. You can login to at any point to check the progress of your application.

Dual Degrees

If you are a dual-degree student, you will need to file a separate application for each department.


To make sure that your completed minor appears on your transcript:
Upon meeting the course and grade requirements of a Graduate Minor or Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization (GIS), you must complete the “Report on Transcript Designation.” After you complete this form via, your chosen minor or GIS will be designated on your official OSU transcript.

Commencement at The Ohio State University is run centrally through the University. General instructions for commencement will be available on the university commencement website at

Information regarding commencement regalia and announcements is available through the University Bookstore. You can reach the OSU Bookstore at 614-247-2000 (press #6 for graduation information) or visit their website.

MPA Regalia (and Dual Degree students completing the MPA): MPA students should get a peacock blue hood, black tassel, and a Master’s gown. The OSU bookstore sells the cap, gown, and tassel as a set. Hoods may be purchased separately.

MA Regalia (In-Career MA and Dual Degree students completing the MA): Master of Arts students should get a white hood, black tassel, and a Master’s gown. The OSU bookstore sells the cap, gown, and tassel as a set. Hoods may be purchased separately.

Ph.D. Regalia: The OSU bookstore rents/sells scarlet and gray gowns and tams for OSU PhD graduates.

The Glenn College holds a pre-commencement ceremony every spring. The pre-commencement ceremony is typically held the day before the spring university commencement (on a Saturday). Family members and friends of students graduating in spring or during the previous two terms are invited to attend. Invitations and more information will be sent to graduates during spring semester.

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