Capstone Courses

Capstone Requirements

The capstone handout describes the basic objectives of a capstone, the basic components of a capstone product, and the Capstone Assessment.

Instructors are eager to answer your questions about the course, discuss whether the course will meet your needs, or try to find a way to accommodate your interests.

Please register responsibly. We try to balance and manage enrollment in Capstones very carefully so that most students get their first or second choice. Please do not stay on waitlists for extended periods after you have found a spot in your first or second choice, because this will create inflated enrollment demand.

Here is the Assessment of Capstone Projects and Core Courses Utilized.

Previous Capstone Papers

(Almost) all the past capstone papers / projects have been uploaded to a Carmen page.

Here are the directions to access those documents:

Register for Glenn Graduate Capstones Carmen page:
  1. Log into Carmen
  2. Under Announcements/Shortcuts, select Carmen (D2L) home page
  3. Under Carmen Course Summary, select Join self-enrollment courses
  4. Under JOIN Instructions, at the bottom, select JOIN...
  5. On the Self Registering Course Offerings page, select Glenn Graduate Capstones


Noah DormadyResearch Paper in Public Affairs (Information on this course including material to be sent by March 31) (PUBAFRS 7900)

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