Letter of Recommendation / Reference Form – This document is used for those applicants who are securing letters of recommendation and choosing not to use the online functionality provided by the Graduate Admissions Application.

Reactivation Enrollment Form – This form is used for students who have already been admitted, have taken a leave of absence (LOA) from the Glenn College, and wish to return to their same program of study.


Course Enrollment Permission Form – Used to enroll in a class after the first Friday of the semester, or when written permission is required, and to withdraw from a full-semester class after the 4th Friday of the term.

Doctoral Student Request for Permission to Enroll in Individual Study

Dual Degree Program Plan – For students pursuing a Dual Degree to submit for approval to the Graduate School (please consult with your advisor before filling out this form).

Graduate Student Course Petition – Used to add, drop, or audit classes past certain points in a given semester.

Permission to Enroll in Independent Study (Master’s) – for master’s students who have been given specific instructor approval to enroll in this class.

Permission to Enroll in Independent Study (Doctoral) – for doctoral students who have been given specific instructor approval to enroll in this class.

Petition to Count Outside Coursework – Used by students wishing to complete coursework in other Ohio State departments and count them towards elective requirements for the master’s programs.

Status Beyond Master’s Degree – Transfer of excess master’s hours to the doctoral degree.

Term Withdrawal Form- Used to withdraw from all classes, after the 4th Friday of the term.

Transfer of Graduate Credit Form – For students interested in transferring graduate credit from an external university or college (not used for Ohio State credit.)

Transfer of Graduate Non-Degree Credit Form – A form for students who completed hours in the Glenn College prior to being admitted to the program (maximum of 7 hours accepted.)

Transfer of Graduate Program Instructions – Used for students who wish to transfer from their current graduate program into another Ohio State graduate program, or to return to graduate studies in order to complete another graduate degree at Ohio State (please see an advisor in your desired program prior to submitting this form).

For the following forms, please go to and sign in using your name.number:

  • Application to Graduate
  • Application for Candidacy
  • Application for Final Exam
  • Report on Candidacy
  • Report on Final Examination
  • Report on Transcript Designation
  • Minors and Interdisciplinary Specializations
  • Committee and Examination Petition

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