Park and Hassan win Carlo Masini Award

A paper — “An Assessment of a Trickle-down Model of Employee Empowerment in Law Enforcement Agencies” — written by Glenn College graduate Jongsoo Park and Professor Russell Hassan has won the Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship in the fields of Public and Nonprofit Management at the 2017 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The paper is based on Park's doctoral dissertation research with data collected by law enforcement participants in the Glenn College's Public Safety Leadership Academy (PSLA).

Hassan also won the Carlo Masini Award in 2011.

In the article, Park and Hassan develop and test a trickle-down model of employee empowerment in public agencies. The model suggests that public managers are more likely to use empowering practices with their subordinates when their boss is empowering and that this relationship is mediated by subordinate managers’ perceptions of psychological empowerment. The model also suggests that subordinates of empowering managers are more likely to engage in voice to improve the performance of their work units than subordinates of unempowering managers. The model is tested using multilevel structural equation modeling with data collected through three separate surveys from 507 boss-manager-subordinate triads in law enforcement agencies throughout Ohio. The analysis shows perceptions of psychological empowerment fully mediates the influence of senior managers’ empowering leadership on junior managers use of empowering leadership with their subordinates. The results also show a direct positive relationship between managers’ use of empowering leadership and their subordinates’ voice behavior. Implications of these findings for research on employee empowerment in public agencies are discussed.

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