Glenn College Releases Three Undergraduate Minors

Civic Engagement Minor

At the Glenn College, we're committed to developing leaders and inspiring active citizenship. The minor allows students to explore various methods of political and community engagement while utilizing participation techniques to solve public policy problems in an experiential setting. Students are introduced to the theories of democratic participation, social equity, and collaborative governance in institutions and broaden their knowledge about public participation in the United States.

Women, Gender and Public Policy

Students will gain a critical assessment of gender, race and sexuality in public life. The minor offers students a unique opportunity to study public policy impacting women and to situate feminist perspectives for creating and implementing public policies aimed at improving their lives.

Science and Engineering in the Public Interest

From regulations to funding, understanding how policy and science interact is a valuable knowledge set. While STEM majors will dive into the technical aspect, the effectiveness of that knowledge can be enhanced with an understanding of policy that can have major impacts on various STEM industries. This minor will give students the knowledge and skills needed to act, innovate, and lead in the public interest.

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