The Public Affairs Student Association (PASA), is the graduate student organization for the Glenn College. Our mission states that we:

  • Act as the official liaison between the students, faculty, and staff of the college.
  • Provide a formal and informal communications network within the college and throughout the university.
  • Provide educational and professional programming to enhance career planning and preparation.
  • Promote fellowship within the college through social programming.
  • Engage in public service through community service work.

As a student group we enhance all aspects of the student experience and hope to be a key stakeholder in the progression of the Glenn College — whether that be through professional development, personal networking, or cohort building for graduate students.

For more information about PASA, including how to get involved or upcoming events please feel free to contact PASA President Sarah Roveda at

PASA Executive Board

President: Sarah Roveda

Vice-President: Audrey Flood

Secretary: Aditi Naik

Treasurer: Rachel Wolf

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Page Hall, 1810 College Road, Columbus, Ohio 43210

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