Pass/No Pass Rules for Autumn 2020

Pass/No Pass Extended to Major and Minor Classes

The University Senate recently voted to allow the expansion of the pass/no pass rule to include elective and general education classes for undergraduate students in autumn 2020. This decision also allowed each college the discretion to make its own choice about the extension of Pass/No Pass for majors and minors. The Glenn College’s Undergraduate Curriculum Committee voted to also allow the use of PA/NP courses for major, minor, and specialization requirements. Please visit for the full explanation of the rule, but here are the key points:

  1. Glenn College students may elect to take GE, elective, major, minor, and specialization courses as PA/NP in autumn 2020
  2. A 2.0 is the minimum GPA required to take classes Pass/No Pass. If you are new to Ohio State and have not yet established a GPA, you may take PA/NP courses in Autumn 2020
  3. Students are allowed to count a maximum of 20 hours of PA credit toward their graduation requirements, NOT including credit from spring 2020
  4. For general education and elective courses, a grade of PA is equivalent to earning a D or better in a class
  5. For Public Affairs courses counting toward a major, minor or specialization, a grade of PA is equivalent to earning a C- or better in a class counting toward a Public Affairs major, minor or track.
  6. For classes from other departments counting toward a major, minor, or track (i.e. Econ 4300) a grade of PA is equivalent to earning a D or better in a class
  7. Once a student opts into PA/NP, it cannot be reversed

Though classes taken PA/NP will not impact your GPA in any way, there may be other repercussions related to scholarships or graduate/professional school admission. We encourage you to speak with an advisor before making decisions about opting into PA/NP. We also recommend that you do not make a decision now but instead wait until you have a better sense of your academic performance in the classes you are currently taking. Finally, remember that the policy above is what was adopted by the Glenn College, and that other colleges have made their own decisions regarding the expansion of the PA/NP rule. If you are pursuing a minor or second major/degree from another college, PA credit may not be acceptable for certain requirements. You are encouraged to speak with your other advisors regrading this matter.

Request Pass/No Pass for Second Session and Full-Term Classes by November 20th

Click here to submit the form.

Things to consider before making your choice:

  • We encourage you to take some time to continue with your classes, complete assignments, talk to an advisor, and get a sense of where you stand before submitting a request for PA/NP
  • The form will have a “submit” button to click when you have entered course information and are ready to submit
  • You will receive a confirmation email after submitting, and another one once the PA/NP status has been applied to your record
  • Once you elect to take a class PA/NP, it is irreversible - you will NOT be able to go back and change it to a letter grade
  • The form can only be submitted once, so you should wait to submit until you have made all your decisions on classes


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