Alison Chabut

Hometown: Kettering, Ohio

Undergraduate Institution and Major:
University of Dayton – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, May 2015

Graduate Institution and Major:
The Ohio State University – Master of Social Work, May 2017

Relevant Professional Experience:
Ohio Department of Youth Services, behavioral health administrator and data analyst
Wexner Medical Center Department of Outpatient Rehabilitation, grief and adjustment counselor
Crossroads Hospice, volunteer personal historian

Research Interests:
My research interest is comparative social policy, focusing on issues related to healthcare delivery and management, mental health and aging, and how public policies can best address a society that is living and needing care for far longer than ever before. Currently, I am studying policies concerning the commercialization of death in Western society, medical aid in dying, productive aging, welfare needs, and the elderly prison population.

Funded Appointments:
Graduate Teaching Associate – Public Management (PUBAFRS 3500)

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