Lisa Frazier

Hometown: Delaware, Ohio

Undergrad Institution and Major:
BA (political ecology & anthropology), Mount Holyoke College

Graduate Institutions and Major:
MPH (epidemiology), The Ohio State University

Relevant Professional Experience:
Research Specialist, Health Policy Institute of Ohio

Research Interests:
My research interests include policy informatics and decision making, modeling in policy analysis and management decisions, public health management and policy, and the role of public value in policy development. I am particularly interested in less mainstream (though increasingly popular!) approaches to modeling that account for learning, feedback, and other systems dynamics. I include Bayesian inference, agent-based models, and behavioral assumptions in both my research and teaching.

In my dissertation research, I conceptualize state Medicaid programs as complex adaptive systems characterized by diverse actors, behaviors, relationships, and objectives. These systems reproduce themselves through both strategic and emergent mechanisms of program management. I focus on the mechanism by which citizens are sorted into or out of the system: program enrollment. Using Bayesian regression and agent-based models, I explore the role of administrative practices (such as presumptive eligibility and longer continuous eligibility periods) in increasing enrollment of eligible citizens into Medicaid programs.

Research Affiliations:
Decision Sciences Collaborative (OSU)

Funded Appointments:
Instructor of Record, Public Affairs Decision Making, Introduction to Public Affairs, Written & Oral Communication Skills

Teaching Assistant, Data Analysis for Public Policy & Management, Public Policy Formulation & Implementation, Nonprofit Management & Governance

Conference Presentations:
“Public Program Sensitivity: Using ROC curves to characterize classification efficiency of state Medicaid systems,” Stata Conference; Columbus, OH.

“Managing Misclassificaiton: Take-up, churn, and fraud as administrative features of state Medicaid systems,” Midwest Public Affairs Conference; Milwaukee, WI.

Selected Publications:
Frazier, Lisa A. 2016. More than the ACA: Topics and themes in health policy research. Policy Studies Journal Yearbook. 44(S1).

“Hiking across the rugged landscape of human health,” with Anand Desai in Health Informatics for the Curious: Why Study Health Informatics, eds. Vaidya & Soar.

“The legacy of Chester Barnard in contemporary scholarship: Lessons for the twenty-first century executive,” with Hyungjo Hur in Mastering Public Administration, eds. Fry & Raadschelders.

Professional Service Activities:
Glenn College of Public Affairs Doctoral Program Representative, 2015-2016
Glenn College of Public Affairs Wellness Council, 2013-2016

Honors & Awards:
ICPSR Scholarship for Public Administration, Public Policy, and Public Affairs, 2014
Glenn College Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, 2013

Professional Affiliations:
Network for Computational Modeling for SocioEcological Science American Society for Public Administration Ohio Public Health Association

Research Advisors:
Anand Desai
Stephanie Moulton
Joshua Hawley

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