Lisa Christen Gajary

Youngstown, OH

Undergraduate Institution and Major:
Bachelor of Science in Zoology, with minors in Anthropology and Neuroscience

Graduate Institution and Degree:
Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration

Relevant Professional Experience:

Comprehensive Cancer Center‐James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
Research Resources & Facilities Manager

Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology, and Medical Genetics
Laboratory Manager & Research Assistant

Research Interests:
As publically funded science has become increasingly complex, the policy and management literature has begun to focus more attention on how science is structured and organized. My research interests reside at the nexus of science and technology (S&T;) policy and organizational theory—I am interested in how the management and organization of S&T; research influences the implementation of policies and the emergence of organizational strategies and innovation.

Drawing from my experiences as a research scientist, a front-line laboratory manager, and an administrative manager within a large scientific research center, my principal research objective is to use my tacit knowledge of scientists’ behaviors, S&T; and health care organization, and public sector S&T; management to inform inquiry and extend existing theory. My current research involves how to manage risk and build resilience in the strategic planning of high-stakes, publically-funded S&T; organizations. Risk and resilience are related, but resilience focuses on the capacities of a system to sustainably adapt when confronted with surprise events. My preliminary research questions involve the development of computer simulation models that could potentially enhance the risk predictions and resilience capabilities of the nuclear facilities. For this, I am developing the use of Bayesian methods for modeling the failure-risk probability density functions of facility components, and I am integrating agent based modeling with system dynamics modeling methods in order to explore how resilience can be accounted for in the management of these facilities.

Research Affiliations:
Complexity in Human, Natural and Engineered Systems (OSU)

Funded Appointments:
Research Fellowship, Lawrence Livermore National Labs
Research Assistant, Battelle Center for Science and Technology Policy
Teaching Assistant, Policy Modeling and Simulation, Public Sector Project Management

Selected Publications:
Gajary, L.C. & D.J.Kim. (2013).“Simon’s Scissors: Cutting Out a Public Administration Research Agenda.” In Brian Fry and Jos Raadschelders, Mastering public administration: from Max Weber to Dwight Waldo, 3rd Edition. Washington, D.C: CQ Press.

Mansky L.M., Le Rouzic E., Benichou S., Gajary L.C. Influence of reverse transcriptase variants, drugs, and Vpr on human immunodeficiency virus type 1mutant frequencies. J Virol 2003 Feb;77(3):2071‐80.

Mansky L.M., Gajary L.C. The primary nucleotide sequence of the bovine leukemia virus RNA packaging signal can influence efficient RNA packaging and virus replication. Virology 2002 Sep 30; 301(2):272‐80.

Mansky L.M., Pearl D.K., Gajary L.C. Combination of drugs and drug‐resistant reverse transcriptase results in a multiplicative increase of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 mutant frequencies. J Virol 2002 Sep; 76(18):9253‐9.

Mansky L.M., Preveral S., Le Rouzic E., Bernard L.C., Selig L., Depienne C., Benarous R., Benichou S. Interaction of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Vpr with the HHR23A DNA repair protein does not correlate with multiple biological functions of Vpr. Virology 2001 Mar 30; 282(1):176‐85.

Mansky L.M., Bernard L.C. 3'‐Azido‐3'‐deoxythymidine (AZT) and AZT‐resistant reverse transcriptase can increase the in vivo mutation rate of human immunodeficiency virus type 1. J Virol 2000 Oct; 74(20):953‐9.

Professional Affiliations:

Research Advisors:
Anand Desai

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