Aiden Irish

Hometown: Duvall, Washington

Undergrad Institution and Major:
BA (political science and environmental ethics and policy), The University of Portland

Graduate Institutions and Major:
MS (regenerative studies for sustainable development), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Relevant Professional Experience:
Policy Analyst, Fair Farms Maryland, Takoma Park, MD, 2016
Research Associate, EcoAgriculture Partners, Washington, DC, 2015
Graduate Research Assistant, Cal Poly Pomona Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Pomona, CA, 2014-2015

Research Interests:
My research focuses on the inter-actor networks involved in policy systems, wicked problems, and policy integration, with a focus on food system planning and policy development. In particular, I am interested in the role of emergent, informal social networks and inter-organizational boundary spanners in food system planning and policy development as well as the manner by which such informal networks are developed and managed to support a systems-based approach to policy development. I am particularly interested in the role of inter-organizational and inter-personal trust (and the relationship between the two) in sub government policy networks and the resulting effect on policy

Professional Service Activities :
Colloquium Director, Glenn College of Public Affairs, 2017-2018

Refereed Conference Papers and Presentations:
Irish, Aiden, Jill K. Clark, Karen Banks, Anne Palmer, and Raychel Santo, “Food Policy Growth and Evolution: Evaluating the Development of Roles and Objectives of U.S. Food Councils Over Time,” American Society for Public Administration National Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 17-21, 2017.

Irish, Aiden, “Political Culture Obstacles to Sustainable Transportation Development,” Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences National Conference, San Diego, CA, June 25, 2015.

Willson, Richard and Aiden Irish, “Dynamic Parking Pricing: A Comparison of Evaluation Methods,” Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning National Conference, Houston, TX, October 22-25, 2015.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications:
(Under review) Clark, Jill K., Julia Freedgood, Aiden Irish, Kim Hodgson, and Samina Raja, “Fail to Include, Plan to Exclude: Reflections on local governments’ readiness to address equity in food systems policy,” Built Environment.

Irish, Aiden, “An Ethos of Sustainability: Integrated Sustainability for Urban Development,” International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 2014.

Irish, Aiden, “Assessing Local Government Capacity for Implementing Sustainable Transportation: The Role of Political Culture,” International Journal of Public Administration, 40(5), 2017.

Willson, Richard and Aiden Irish, “Dynamic Parking Pricing: A Comparison of Evaluation Methods,” Transportation Research Record, 5(1), 2016.

Working Papers
Irish, Aiden, Daniel Baker, Jill K. Clark, and Jos Raadschelders, “Assessing the State of Qualitative Research in Public Administration.”

Irish, Aiden, “Dimensions of Dragons: Moral Implications of Uncertainty in Public Administration Scholarship.”

Irish, Aiden, “Governance by Affiliation: Exploring Emergent Networks in Complex Systems Planning.”

Irish, Aiden, “Trust in the Process: Taking Trust Seriously as a Resource in Policy Making.”

Reports and Professional Publications
Irish, Aiden, “Diversifying the Agricultural Basket: Risks in Conventional Poultry on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Opportunities from Diversified Agriculture,” Fair Farms Maryland, 2016.

Irish, Aiden, “Environmental Trust Funds: Case Studies and Institutional Structures,” prepared for EcoAgriculture Partners, August 2015.

Irish, Aiden, “The Price of a Chicken in Every Pot: Assessing the Impact of the Poultry Industry in Maryland,” prepared for Fair Farms Maryland, March 2016.

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