Alex Roberts

Montclair, NJ

Undergraduate Institution and Major:
Wesleyan University (History)

Relevant Professional Experience:
Research Assistant, Center for Human Resource Research

Research Interests:
I am interested in how science and policy influence each other over time. My current research focuses on the role political and bureaucratic factors play in determining which versions of science become salient, and the consequences for public policy. One contribution of this work is that it helps draw out the implications of recent work in science and technology studies for policy analysis and public participation.

I also have a second line of research focusing on government contracting. In collaboration with several colleagues, I am drawing on a large pool of public procurement data to help us gain more insight into the factors that influence contracting decisions and outcomes over time.

Funded Appointments:
Instructor of Record, Introduction to Policy Analysis
Research Assistant, Project: The Impact of Product Characteristics and Supplier Bargaining Strength on the Design of Department of Defense Contracts.

Selected Publications:
Yong Woon Kim, Alex Roberts, and Trevor Brown. “The Impact of Product Characteristics and Market Conditions on Contract Type: The Use of Fixed-Price versus Cost Reimbursement Contracts in the U.S. Department of Defense,” Public Performance and Management Review. [Forthcoming]

Alex Roberts. 2013. “The Legacy of Elton Mayo in Contemporary Scholarship: The Human Relations Approach in Public Administration,” in J. Raadschelders and B. Fry (eds.), Mastering Public Administration, 3rd Edition. CQ Press.

Professional Service Activities:
President, Glenn Colloquium Series, 2013-2014
Vice-President, Glenn Colloquium Series, 2010-2013
Student Representative, Doctoral Studies Subcommittee, 2010-2011, 2012-2013

Honors & Awards:
Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Ohio State University, 2012
University Fellowship, Ohio State University, 2009-2010
Departmental Honors, History, Wesleyan University, 2002

Research Advisors:
Jos Raadschelders
Trevor Brown
Alex Wendt
Anand Desai
David Landsbergen

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