Aditi Vaishali Thapar

Hometown: New Delhi, India & Dubai, UAE

Undergrad Institution and Major:
B.S. Program in the Environment, University of Michigan

Graduate Institutions and Major:
M.A. Climate & Society, Columbia University

Relevant Professional Experience:
I have spent the last five years developing innovative solutions and providing environmental direction to organisations. While working for IFCL Group in the Philippines, I developed a live-reporting database of on-going urban infrastructure programs with financial, implementation and M&E reporting to donors on project status. My other consultancy experience includes working on climate change projects; grassroots lobbying and environmental issue advocacy; developing project proposals for pollution-related public health remedial actions; and creating environmental awareness in the apparel sector through the adoption of viable sustainable practices.

Research Interests:
My primary research interest is in the field of climate policy. My focus is on exploring the factors that contribute to the formation of an effective climate policy measure in developing countries. More specifically, I want to identify differences in policy responses between countries vulnerable to climate change at differing stages of economic development. I am particularly interested in contrasting public and private sector engagement by country, examining differences in strategy and financing, and determining how such variations influence language when drafting policy reform.

Funded Appointments:
Graduate Teaching Associate – Public Policy Formulation & Implementation (PUBAFRS 6000)

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