Andrew Van Leuven

Hometown: Katy, TX (born in Worcester, MA)

Undergrad Institution and Major:
B.S. in Geography, emphasis in Urban & Regional Planning, Brigham Young University

Graduate Institutions and Major:
M.A. in Geography & Urban Studies, Temple University

Relevant Professional Experience:
Internship at Montgomery County (PA) Planning Commission, walkability studies

Research Interests:
I am primarily interested in urban economic development and the design and implementation of public policies that facilitate such development. More specifically, I am interested in how small towns and cities are able to revitalize their local economies via redevelopment efforts in the downtown district. My aspiration for my dissertation is that it will allow me to start addressing important questions about declining economies in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and the rest of the post-industrial “rust belt.”

Funded Appointments:
Graduate Research Associate – Ohio Manufacturing Institute, Dr. Ned Hill

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