The John Glenn Civic Leadership Council is the Glenn College's undergraduate student organization. The CLC seeks to promote, broaden, and cultivate civic engagement and leadership among college students.

Focused on four distinct pillars: policy, academics, service and community, the Civic Leadership Council provides an enriching environment to encourage active citizenship on campus and in the community. Our broad variety of programming ranges from in-depth policy discussions to unique service projects, fostering academic support and lifelong friendships along the way.

Members of the John Glenn Leadership Community are automatic members of the CLC, but the organization is also open to the entire Ohio State undergraduate community. The CLC has twice been recognized by the Ohio Union as the Most Outstanding Student Organization on campus. The CLC works closely with the Childhood League Center and the many of our events crossover with the John Glenn Leadership Community.

The CLC meets on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in room 130 (LEC).

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