Chris Adams is the instructor for Public Affairs 2160 for the John Glenn Learning Community. Chris works to build community among the students and make them of other opportunities at the Glenn College, as well as other outlets for furthering their study of public service and public policy. Chris also serves as a resource to the students, helping them navigate Ohio State University directing them to the appropriate offices on campus as the Director of Student Services at JGCPA. In addition to his duties with the Learning Community, Chris also advises the Civic Leadership Council, advises students within the two Public Affairs majors, and oversees the Student Services team at the Glenn College. You can reach Chris at
Alyssa Foster is the Hall Director for Busch/Halloran Complex. She oversees these residence halls and is responsible for the overall management of the staff including Resident Advisors and students. She will be your point person for all housing related items. Alyssa works closely with Em Underation and Chris Adams to support the John Glenn Civic Leadership Community, including creating programming opportunities and more. She also sends out a monthly JGCLC newsletter each month. You can reach Alyssa at or call (614)-292-9737.
Em Carruthers is the coordinator for the John Glenn Learning Community. She oversees the planning and execution of the LC’s events and programming and will assist in the instruction of Public Affairs 2160. She also plans and oversees the spring Washington, D.C. trip open to all LC students. Em is also responsible for coordinating the Glenn College’s internship programs, including the High School Internship Program (HSIP), the Ohio Government Internship Program (OGIP), and the Washington Academic Internship Program (WAIP). Her background is in legislative policy and she is a graduate of the 2016 John Glenn College Bachelor of Arts program. You can reach Em at

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