Who We Are:

PAMSO is a student organization that brings together students of all ages, races, gender, religions, disabilities and backgrounds to create a welcoming community that enables and encourages collaboration among peers on topics related to diversity and inclusion.

What We Do:

PAMSO holds informal and formal gatherings in the hopes of creating cross-cultural and diverse connections among faculty, staff, students and the community to foster a sense of unity and understanding, and to excite innovation.

Why We Exist:

PAMSO strives to support, educate and encourage students who are passionate about multiculturalism and diversity and inclusion. We aim to inspire citizenship and develop leadership among its members all while embracing diverse backgrounds and ideas.

Membership Eligibility Information:

Any undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student interested in Public Affairs who supports the purpose and objectives of PAMSO and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and who is currently enrolled at The Ohio State University shall be eligible for membership.

Want to get involved? Questions? Comments?

Contact PAMSO at pamso@osu.edu.

Meet the 2018-19 PAMSO Executive Board:

Adam Sedlacko, President

Master of Public Administration

In order to appropriately inform policy decisions, the public sector must recognize and value those of all backgrounds. Unselfish discourse regarding the intersection of public affairs and diversity is necessary for inclusion and understanding to be adequately achieved, and the creation of safe spaces for diverse perspectives to engage in this discourse should be encouraged."

Michelle A. Nkumsah, Vice President

Master of Public Administration

Many of today's public issues stem from multilayered problem- meaning there usually isn't a cut-and-dry, black-and-white solution to them. They require a multifaceted approach. That's what multiculturalism is- it's accepting and appreciating the differences in everyone and using those differences to bring us together and find solutions to problems. My hope for multiculturalism and diversity in public affairs isn't for it to be its own category, but to be the default.”

Lalitha Pamidigantam, Secretary

BA Public Management, Leadership, and Policy, with a specialization in Education Policy

We must have those who are diverse tell the story. Diversity is important, but oftentimes the spaces labeled diversity are only skin-deep, and do not address the deeper issues at core. As a colonized body, I speak only for myself, and my vision for diversity in public affairs is to create and maintain spaces by people like me, for people like me, instead of asking to be accepted by a community that only wants to understand me in a superficial way. Diversity can only thrive if it is not skin-deep."

Suneet Singh, Treasurer

International Studies with focus in International Relations and Diplomacy, Minors in Business and Professional Writing

As the world becomes exceedingly interconnected it is more important now than ever to foster understanding between cultures. My hope is that the awareness of multiculturalism and diversity is not just taught in the realm of Public Affairs but is recognized as an essential part to the growth of society."

Shaun Khurana, Events Manager

Master of Public Administration

“I want there to be a place in the world where people can engage in one another’s differences in a way that is redemptive, full of hope and possibility.”

Bell Hooks

Faduma Hasan, Public Relations & Marketing Chair; Historian

BA Public Management, Leadership, and Policy

“The Glenn College is the perfect home to foster different beliefs, political views, and diverse experiences and combine them to produce tomorrow's leaders. With my general love for public service and my sense of civic duty combined with my multicultural background, I hope to encourage others to explore their interest in Public Affairs and lead by example in the pursuit of an untraditional career path. The future holds infinite possibilities and with that my vision (and hope) of the future of Public Affairs is to see a much more diverse selection of people, views and experiences!”

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