WAIP Alumni

When Brock Hutchinson was a student at Muskingum University he was a Glenn Fellow in the Washington Academic Internship Program. His internship changed the direction of his life.

Joe Flarida is a 2012 graduate of the Glenn College's Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs program and today works for the U.S. Congress' Committee on Science, Space and Technology. His first exposure to working in Washington was through the WAIP program.

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Allison Barbo
WAIP Winter 2010

Drew Calabro
WAIP Spring 2012

Zachary Elder
WAIP Winter 2002

Meghan Gannon
WAIP Winter 2011

John Garrity
WAIP Winter 2001

Susan Manchester
WAIP Winter 2009

Kyle Nappi
WAIP Fall 2011

Zachary Rybarczyk
WAIP Winter 2012

Lauren Zacks
WAIP Summer 2009

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