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*** TENTATIVE and subject to change ***

Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
6030 4061

Public Sector Econ (Hybrid)

(Full Summer Term)

T 5:30PM - 7:20PM Page 060 K. Young

Economic analysis in the public sector. Application of economic analytical techniques to identify and frame public policy problems; analysis of policy solution trade-offs; efficiency; market failure; public choice. 

*** Hybrid courses consist of a combination of online and in-class course delivery. Roughly half of the formalized instruction will be offered online. ***

Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
6050 4067

Public Sector Organizations

(Full Summer Term)

6050 22526

Public Sector Organizations (Hybrid)

(Full Summer Term)

T 3:00PM - 5:05PM Page 010 R. Hightower

Learn to manage public sector organizations with a focus on the external environment: context of public sector organizations, their structure, how they operate; managing organizational performance, innovation, and change.

Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
6080 4062

Public Affairs Program Evaluation


(Full Summer Term)

T 7:35PM - 9:25PM Page 060 A. Elliot

Equips students with knowledge and skills to evaluate public policies and programs. Students learn about different types of evaluations and research designs for conducting evaluations. Exposure to ethic considerations in conducting evaluations. 



Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
5890 4066

US Food Policy

(4 week - Session 1)

MTWR 10:00 - 12:20 Page 060 N. Hooker

An examination of national food affairs; the policy and practice of food. The approach is to introduce institutions, tools and topics.



Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
6890 4069

Special Topis Skills: Survey Design

(6 Week - Session 1)

W 5:30PM-7:20PM Page 060 H. Clark
6890 22764

Special Topics Skills: Crisis Management

(6 Week - Session 2)

W 5:30PM-7:20PM Page 060 L. Kulik

Survey Design (6 Week - Session 1)

Prereq: Grad standing or permission of instructor




Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
7503 4068

Public Policy Issues: Higher Education Policy

(6 Week, Session 2)

M 5:30 - 9:10 Page 040 D. Stenta

(Hybrid course offering: 60% classroom instruction, 40% online instruction)


Provides an introduction to education policy for public sector leaders. Topics include Higher Education economic foundations, budget processes, current policies, and international education and practice. 


Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
7550 22551

Contract Management

(Full Summer Term)

Th 5:30PM - 8:40PM Page 060 K. Stockdale

 This course provides students with a perspective on the issues and practices that are employed to contract for services provided by and for the public sector, and the importance of successfully managing those relationships



Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
7554 4063

Performance Measurement

(Full Summer Term)

W 5:30PM-8:40PM Page Hall 040 G. Worley

Provides students with an understanding of performance measurement and management principles to create useful performance information, to use data to manage operations, to develop more effective employees and to make financial decisions. 



Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
7555 22529

Project Management

(Full Summer Term)

M 5:30PM - 8:40PM Page Hall 010 J. Morris

Introduction to international standards and methods for project management (PM); the application of tools, the basic, ancillary, and "soft" skills for successful PM; public sector challenges; and strengths/limitations in a complex organic environment. 



Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
7900 4065

Capstone: Research Paper

(Full Summer Term)

TH 5:30PM - 8:40PM Page Hall 240 N. Dormady

Public Affairs (PA) 7900 builds on the core curriculum that students have completed in their first year. This is an opportunity for students to integrate the knowledge and skills gained in the MPA or MA program by applying theory to practice on a topic of each student’s choice. It serves as an important bridge between the classroom and the world of professional practice.





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