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Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
2110 4131 Intro to Public Affairs ONLINE ONLINE N/A A. Roberts

Introduces students to the policymaking process and the core crafts on which schools of public affairs focus: policy analysis & evaluation and public administration & management. GE Soc Sci Human, Nat, and Econ Resources course.


Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
3000 4060 Public Policy Analysis MW 3:20 - 4:55 Page 010 K. Young

Introduces students to the concepts, theories, and methods of applied policy analysis. Students develop an understanding of market failures and the tools available to public sector actors to mitigate them. Students also learn various methodological approaches to analyze public policy at the formulation and implementation stages. Prereq: Econ 2001.01, 2001.02, or 2001.03, and GE Data Analysis course; or permission of instructor.


Course# Class# Course Title Day Time Room Instructor
5890 4077

U.S. Food Policy

(4 week, Session 1)


10:00 - 12:20


Page Hall 060 N. Hooker

An examination of national food affairs; the policy and practice of food. The approach is to introduce institutions, tools and topics.



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