State of Ohio Leadership Institute

Developing the Next Generation of Ohio’s Elected State and Local Leaders

SOLI Leadership Programming

SOLI is leadership training to state and local elected officials includes a variety of short-term and long-term educational programs.

SOLI leadership programs offers programming in the following areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the basic structure and operation of state and local government in Ohio
  • Knowledge and understanding of state and local public finance (e.g. bonding, contracting, general revenue funds, etc.)
  • Knowledge and understanding of key policy areas that impact the state and Ohio’s localities (e.g. K-12 education; regulation and privatization; workforce development; regional and community development; transportation; energy; utilities; health care; criminal justice)
  • Public sector leadership skills and competencies (team building; political and managerial communication; motivation and influence)
  • Cultivation and development of core public values (service, equity, justice, fairness, accountability, transparency)

There will be four basic means through which SOLI will train the next generation of Ohio’s state and local elected officials:

The Public Leadership Academy will provide cohorts of recently elected and appointed state and local officials knowledge, skills and values for leadership through a one-week residential program. Graduates of the Public Leadership Academy will receive a certificate signifying successful completion of study.

The Public Leadership Academy, each year, will welcome a new cohort of participants to receive an intensive course of study and practice in leadership development for public service.

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SOLI will also offer leadership training in shorter increments (e.g. half day or a full day workshop) on specific content and skills. These workshops will be delivered in-person and online. Over time, SOLI Public Leadership Academy graduates may elect to hone their leadership skills in these shorter programs as well.

SOLI will coordinate internships in state and local offices for college and high school students. The purpose is to create a positive work experience that inspires students to pursue public service and elected office in the State. SOLI staff members will recruit students, build connections with intern hosts, and provide a stipend to each student.

Learn more about the Ohio Government Internship Program at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

SOLI will hold symposia and conferences open to a broad audience of elected and appointed state and local officials on leadership issues in the public sector. These symposia and conferences will showcase national leadership experts and innovative public leaders throughout the state and across the nation who are making change in their organizations and their communities.