The Bachelor of Arts in Public Management, Leadership, and Policy requires 10 core classes (30 credit hours). The core course work is focused on the areas of policy analysis; management and leadership; and public budgeting and finance. Eight of the core classes are taken at the Glenn College, with one required course from the department of political science, and one required course from the department of economics. New freshman students take the introductory course Public Affairs 2110 during their first semester on campus. Existing students should take Public Affairs 2110 soon after declaring the major. General education courses in microeconomics and statistics are prerequisite requirements for some of the upper level finance and analysis classes. Students also complete a capstone research paper on a topic of their choosing.

Required Coursework

  • Public Affairs 2110 Introduction to Public Affairs
  • Public Affairs 2120 Public Service and Civic Engagement
  • Public Affairs 2130 Leadership in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors
  • Choice of: Poli Sci 3115 Introduction to Public Policy; Poli Sci 4115 Bureaucracy and Public Policy or Poli Sci 4125 American State Politics
  • Public Affairs 3000 Introduction to Policy Analysis
  • Choice of Econ 4300 Government Finance in the American Economy or Econ 4320 Public Expenditures and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Public Affairs 4310 State and Local Government Finance
  • Public Affairs 4030 Public Budgeting
  • Public Affairs 4010 or 4020 Public Affairs Decision Making*
  • Public Affairs 4011 or 4021 Public Affairs Analysis Application*
*These courses can either be taken in Columbus or in Washington, D.C. as part of the Washington Academic Internship Program

Capstone Paper

All public affairs majors write a capstone research paper during their senior year. This can either be accomplished via a class capstone class in Columbus (Public Affairs 4011), participation in the Washington Academic Internship Program (Public Affairs 4021), or through the completion of an independent research thesis. In all options, students have the opportunity to delve deeply into a policy or management issue that is of special interest to them and produce a substantial piece of original research. Recent capstone papers topics have included:

  • Food access/mapping in Columbus
  • Social Security reform
  • Gun violence and art
  • Mental health in Ohio
  • School breakfast in Central Ohio
  • Racial bias in student loans
  • Lake Erie pollution
  • Health care in India

Sample Degree Plan

Autumn Semester Spring Semester
PUB AFRS 2110 (3) (Intro to PA) PUB AFRS 2120 (3) (Civic Engagement)
GE Writing Level 1 (3) POL SCI 3115 (3) (Public Policy)
GE Foreign Language (4) GE Foreign Language (4)
GE Math (3-5) GE Social Science
PUB AFRS 1100 (1) (College survey) *GE Biological or Physical Science (3)
Autumn Semester Spring Semester
PUB AFRS 2130 (3) (Leadership) PA 4310 (3) (State/Local Public Finance)
GE Data Analysis (3) GE Writing Level 2 (3)
GE Foreign Language (4) GE History/Cultures and Ideas (3
*GE Bio or Physical Science with lab (4) *GE Bio or Physical Science (3)
GE Social Science (Microeconomics) (3) Specialization Course (3)
Autumn Semester Spring Semester
ECON 4300/4320 (3) (Public Finance) PUB AFRS 3000 (3) (Policy Analysis)
Specialization Course (3) PUB AFRS 4030 (3) (Public Budgeting)
GE Open Option (3) GE Historical Study (3)
GE Visual/Performing Arts (3) GE Literature (3)
Elective (3) Elective (3)
Autumn Semester Spring Semester
PUB AFRS 4010 (3) (Capstone Seminar) PUB AFRS 4011 (3) (Policy Paper)
GE Open Option (3) Specialization Course (3)
Specialization Course (3) Elective (3)
Elective (3) Elective (3)
Elective (3) Elective (3)

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