The John Glenn College of Public Affairs' Civic Engagement minor provides insight into one of the most important roles of society: civic participation. Students are introduced to the theories of democratic participation, social equity, and collaborative governance in institutions. The minor allows students to explore various methods of political and community engagement while utilizing participation techniques to solve public policy problems in an experiential setting. This Civic Engagement minor provides undergraduate students from across the university a way to broaden their knowledge about public participation in the United States.


The undergraduate minor in Civic Engagement requires completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours. Students are required to take the 6 hours listed as foundational courses, and one course from each of the three categories below (for a total of 9 credits).

Foundational Courses: Required (6 Credit Hours)

  • PUBAFRS 2110 Introduction to Public Affairs
  • PUBAFRS 2120 Public Service and Civic Engagement

Political Engagement (Choose One; 3 Credit Hours)

  • PUBAFRS 4510 Law and Public Affairs
  • PUBAFRS 4020 Contemporary Issues in Governance: Washington DC
  • POLITSC 3912 Political Leadership
  • POLITSC 4152 Campaign Politics
  • POLITSC 4160 Public Opinion
  • POLITSC 4164 Political Participation and Voting Behavior
  • POLITSC 4165 The Mass Media and American Politics
  • SWK 3201 Social and Economic Justice
  • SWK 5015 Social Work and the Law

Experiential Requirement (Choose One; 3 Credit Hours)

  • PUBAFRS 4191.01/.02/.03 Internship in Public Affairs
  • EDUCST 5880.04S Interprofessional Education: Collaboration in Urban Communities
  • ESHESA 2571S Leadership in Community Service
  • ENGLISH 4567S Rhetoric and Community Service: A Writing Seminar
  • WGSST 3385 Women in Political Leadership
  • Approved Service Learning Class
  • Approved Internship Credit from Other Department

Community Engagement (Choose One; 3 Credit Hours)

  • PUBAFRS 2130 Leadership in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
  • PUBAFRS 2150 Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations
  • PUBAFRS 4021 Policy Analysis Application: Washington DC
  • PUBAFRS/AFAMAST/COMPSTD 5240 Race and Public Policy
  • PUBAFRS 5250 Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy
  • POLITSC 4127: Governing Urban America
  • COMLDR 3530 Foundations of Personal and Professional Leadership
  • COMLDR 3535 Toward Cultural Proficiency
  • COMLDR 4430 Leadership in Teams and Community Organizations
  • CRPLAN 3500 The Socially Just City
  • ENR 3500 Community, Environment and Development
  • SOCIOL 3463 Social Stratification: Race, Class, and Gender
  • SWK 4503 Generalist Practice with Larger Systems

Special Topics Courses:

Students may petition to use courses that are relevant. They should check with Glenn College advising as to the appropriateness of the courses.

Public Policy minor program guidelines

Required for graduation: No

Credit hours required: A minimum of 15.

Transfer credit hours allowed: A student is permitted to count up to 6 total hours of transfer credit and/or credit by examination toward the minor.

Overlap with the GE permitted: Up to 6 hours.

Overlap with the major:
  • The minor must be in a different subject than the major.
  • Each minor completed must contain a minimum of 12 hours apart from the major and/or additional minors (i.e. minors that require more than 12 credit hours may overlap those hours beyond 12 with the major or with another minor).
Grade requirements for earning a minor:
  • Minimum C- for each course.
  • Minimum 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio.
  • Coursework graded pass/non-pass do not count as a credit completion.
  • 3 credit hours of courses graded as satisfactory/unsatisfactory are accepted.

Approval requirements: The minor coursework must be approved by the Glenn College.

Filing the minor program form: The minor program form must be filed at the same time the graduation application is submitted to the student’s major college.

Minor Program Advisor

Steve Fink

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