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Alumni Impact Campaign

The Glenn College Alumni Society introduces a new scholarship campaign in support of our passionate students.

Through simple monthly donations, Glenn alumni and friends like you can champion the next generation of public leaders and civil servants by helping to fully endowing the Glenn College Alumni Society Student Scholarship Fund.

Small monthly gifts can help us make a major impact for future generations of public leaders, providing students with the financial resources needed to focus on their studies, pursue internships and prepare for careers that make a difference.

The Need is Real

The days of working over the summer to pay for school are long gone.  Many fulltime students work one or two jobs to cover living expenses in addition to taking out student loans.

Requests for student aid are at an all-time high, and your scholarship support is needed now more than ever. Alumni investment in current students shows not only a commitment to the Glenn College but appreciation for those who choose to pursue vital careers in the non-profit, public administration and policy fields.

Campaign Goal

When the Alumni Scholarship Fund reaches our $100,000 goal, we can endow the fund and secure a lasting legacy of alumni support for the future leaders of our communities, state and the nation. 


On our way to $100,000

Why we give

I was the beneficiary of a scholarship when I was an undergraduate and know firsthand what a difference scholarships make in the lives of students as they pursue their dreams. Now I can support others on their journey, and give back to the community that continues to mean so much to me. The new monthly gift campaign makes giving even easier: monthly donations spread the impact across an entire year while making giving routine for people on a budget.

Eric Vinyard, BA ‘ 17

As the son of a single parent police officer, I came from modest means. But for the generosity of others, I may not have been afforded the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree. It was my time at OSU that opened the door for me to intern with the Columbus City Council, from which a number of relationships were developed, ultimately resulting in my current appointment.  It is my duty to help open the door for others. I hope my donations make at least a small difference for our future leaders.  O-H!

Eric Russell, MPA ‘08

Teaching at the Glenn College has allowed me to meet students preparing to serve in public service roles. I am continually impressed by their caliber and talent - and inspired by their passion. I can assure you that donating to the scholarship fund is an excellent investment in our future.

Angie Crandall, MPA ’97, PhD ‘08

I give to the Glenn College because I believe in its mission in training and educating future leaders who will make a difference in their communities. By giving monthly or annually to the Glenn College – students will have opportunities for scholarships, receive world class academic programming, and enrichment opportunities from the statehouse to the White House. I’m proud to be a proud of the Glenn family and invest in our future leaders.

Tracy Najera, MA ‘00

Give a Single Gift

Monthly giving is convenient for many, but your single gift can make a difference too. Thank you for your generosity.