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Planning toward sustainable food systems - An exploratory assessment of local U.S. food system plans
Food Policy
September 02, 2022
This study, published in Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, is an assessment of government-adopted food system plans in the U.S. that examines which topics, across the three dimensions of sustainability (social, environmental, and economic), are included in local food system plans and conducts an exploratory analysis that asks whether the community capitals available in a community are associated with the content of food system plans.
Maintaining School Foodservice Operations in Ohio during COVID-19: "This [Was] Not the Time to Sit Back and Watch"
May 14, 2022
This study published in the National Library of Medicine analyzes how COVID-19 related lockdowns affected critical resources for nutritious food.
Maintaining School Foodservice Operations During COVID-19: The Case of Ohio
Food Policy
June 01, 2021
Published in Current Developments in Nutrition, characterizes COVID-19-related food service adaptations, including impacts on both summer and school year meal provision.
Emergencies, Disasters and Ohio’s Food System
Food Policy
January 26, 2022
This study, helps to visualize and understand how Ohio state government agencies, civil society, nonprofits and the private sector intersect with the food system to respond to disasters in Ohio.
A Balancing Act: Disproportionate Sampling of Organic Foods
Food Policy
May 07, 2015
This study, published in the Journal of Food Products Marketing, demonstrates that there is little statistical difference, and even a net gain in predictive power, when using a balanced sample to test factors that influence a firm’s decision to market organic food.
What Initiatives Are British Food Retailers Taking to Improve Children’s Health and Nutrition?
Food Policy
April 06, 2016
This study, published in the Journal of Food Products Marketing, explores efforts targeting children’s health and nutrition.
Comparing UK Food Retailers Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies
Food Policy
March 01, 2017
This study, published in the British Food Journal, examines how socio-economic and institutional factors impact UK food retailers’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies as revealed in corporate communications and product marketing. 
A Natural Experiment: Using Immersive Technologies to Study the Impact of "All-Natural" Labeling on Perceived Food Quality, Nutritional Content, and Liking
Food Policy
February 08, 2017
This study, published in the Journal of Food Science, examined how an all-natural label impacts judgments of perceived food quality, nutritional content, and acceptance.
What's in a Name? The Impact of Fair Trade Claims on Product Price
Food Policy
November 01, 2016
This study, published in Agribusiness: An International Journal, uses food marketing and other data to find the impact of a fair trade label on a product. 
Securing a Stop to the Summer Setback: Policy Considerations in the Future Expansion of the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for Children
Food Policy
September 01, 2017
This study, published by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, reviews empirical assessments of Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children (SEBTC) and Electronic Benefits Transfer research, and presents policy considerations in the program's future expansion.
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