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Socioeconomic Representation: Expanding the Theory of Representative Bureaucracy
Education Policy
April 01, 2020
This study, published in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, investigates whether socioeconomic representation affects teachers' perceptions of their relationships with students.
School Improvement Grants in Ohio: Effects on Student Achievement and School Administration
Education Policy
March 23, 2018
This study, published in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, estimates the effect of Ohio’s School Improvement Grant turnaround efforts on student achievement and school administration.
Government Privatization and Political Participation: The Case of Charter Schools
Education Policy
January 01, 2020
This study, published in the Journal of Politics, explores if privatization could also affect citizen participation in democratic governance.
How Does Minority Political Representation Affect School District Administration and Student Outcomes?
Education Policy
February 09, 2021
This study, published in the American Journal of Political Science, investigates how the racial and ethnic composition of California school boards affects school district administration and student achievement. 
The Democratic Deficit in U.S. Education Governance
Education Policy
March 30, 2021
This study, published in the American Political Science Review, compares voters and students in four states on several policy-relevant dimensions.
Rent-Seeking through Collective Bargaining: Teachers Unions and Education Production
Education Policy
November 01, 2020
This study, published in the Economics of Education Review, explores how teachers unions affect education production by comparing outcomes between districts allocating new tax revenue amidst collective bargaining negotiations and districts allocating tax revenue well before.
Ethics Education in the Study of Public Administration: Anchoring to Civility, Civics, Social Justice, and Understanding Government in Democracy
Education Policy
September 03, 2021
This study, published in the Journal of Public Affairs Education, argues that teaching ethics should be not only limited to specific ethics courses in higher education nor just embedded as an element in various core courses in public administration programs, but also anchored in a thoughtful K-12 curriculum.
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