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Accountability in Collaborative Federal Programs—Multidimensional and Multilevel Performance Measures Needed: The Case of Wildland Fire Prevention
Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
January 04, 2022
This research explores the nature of the accountability dilemma in collaborative programs and analyzes and illustrates them in the context of wildland fire prevention in the United States.
Complex Contracting: Management Challenges and Solutions
Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
June 19, 2018
This study, posted in Public Administration Review, creates a framework that provides guidance on how managers can harness the upsides of complex contracting while avoiding its pitfalls.
Autonomy Versus Control in Procurement and Contracting: the Use of Cost-Reimbursement Contracts in Three US Federal Departments
Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
March 01, 2017
This study, published by the International Review of Administrative Sciences, examines the efficacy of central attempts to influence the use of specific types of contracts, namely, cost-reimbursement versus fixed-price contracts.
Incentives in Third-Party Governance: Management Practices and Accountability Implications
Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
September 13, 2016
This study, published in Public Administration Review, assesses public managers’ use of contract incentives in practice and advances theory development. 
Impact of Product Characteristics and Market Conditions on Contract Type: Use of Fixed-Price Versus Cost-Reimbursement Contracts in the US Department of Defense
Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
May 12, 2016
This study, published by Public Performance and Management Review, used transaction cost economics to produce a conceptual framework that helps explain public-sector contract decisions.
Citizen Attributions of Blame in Third-Party Governance
Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
November 09, 2015
This study, published by Public Administration Review, examines how structural differences in governance arrangements affect citizens’ notions of who is culpable for poor service quality.
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