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Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs is the place to launch a lifetime of making positive change in the world. Whether you see yourself tackling homelessness in your community, taming the growing national debt, or creating educational opportunities for impoverished women around the globe the Glenn College’s degree programs will prepare you with the skills, knowledge and experiences to get things done.

What separates the students at the Glenn College from everyone else? Our graduates have the tools to make their passion their life’s work. We’ll teach you how to turn your passion into policy. Helping you make a change in the issues that matter to you drives the Glenn College experience.

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Each week, a speaker is invited to give a presentation. The presentations are usually held on Mondays, 12:30-1:30 in room 130 (LEC) at Page Hall. Everyone is invited to attend. Click here for Spring 2016 schedule.

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This summer, the Glenn College and the Center for African Studies will run a public management and leadership institute for 25 Mandela Washington Fellows from the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. The Ohio State University is one of 36 academic institutions across the United States that will host a cohort of the fellows.

"We are so pleased to have been selected as one of the host campuses for this outstanding program. Our faculty, staff and students cannot wait to welcome these rising leaders to Glenn College community and to help introduce them to Ohio State and Columbus,” said Robert Greenbaum, Associate Dean of the Glenn College and Academic Director for Ohio State’s Washington Fellowship on Public Management.

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Professor Ned Hill’s expertise in urban and regional economics was called on by Cleveland.com to explain the meaning behind two contradictory studies on the economic recovery of Cleveland. Cleveland officials say the city has rebounded from the economic languor of the past decade, with income tax collections exceeding pre-recession levels. But a study by the United States Conference of Mayors concludes that the Greater Cleveland area won't recover its recession-era job losses for another two years.

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Professor Noah Dormady discussed the Clean Power Plan and what the plan means for Ohio, power plants, and energy bills on WOSU's All Sides with Ann Fisher.

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Glenn College doctoral candidate Lathania Brown and Professor Rob Greenbaum have a paper accepted for publication in the journal Urban Studies. “The role of industrial diversity ineconomic resilience: An empirical examination across 35 years,” examines the influence of industrial diversity and concentration on unemployment rate stability in Ohio counties between 1977 and 2011. Results indicate that while more concentrated counties had lower unemployment rates when times were good, counties with more diverse industry structures fared better during times of national or local employment shocks. The paper also finds that there is a relationship between concentration in particular industries and the ability to with- stand a shock changes over the 35 years examined, thus highlighting the need to take care when interpreting findings over shorter periods and the need to consider the particular industry of dependence.

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Doctoral candidate Kim Young and Professor Russell Hassan have a manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Interpersonal Violence entitled, "An Assessment of the Prevalence, Perceived Significance and Response to Dowry Solicitation and Domestic Violence in Bangladesh". The study examines how these two gender-related crimes rank in significance compared to experiences of other types of violent and non-violent crime. Response engagement of victim households with police and state judicial institutions is also analyzed. Uniquely focused on victims and perpetrators, JIV publishes scholarly articles that explore the causes, effects and prevention of various types of violence.

Professor Stephanie Moulton and her coauthor Jodi Sandfort at the University of Minnesota have a new paper published in Policy Studies Journal, entitled "The Strategic Action Field Framework for Policy Implementation Research.” The paper draws upon the theories of social skill and strategic action fields to present a new framework for understanding the implementation of public policies and programs.

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Professor Hongtao Yi is the lead author of a study entitled “Policy Networks in Complex Governance Subsystems: Observing and Comparing Hyperlink, Media, and Partnership Networks” published in the Policy Studies Journal. In this study, Yi and his coauthor, Dr. John Scholz from Florida State University, presented a methodological discussion on the methods to observe policy and organizational networks. In response to limitations of the traditional survey method to observe networks, Yi and his coauthor presented three alternative approaches to observing organizational networks in the context of environmental governance. The alternative methods could be used to expand the range of policy networks observable with limited resources across space and time.

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