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What separates the students at the Glenn College from everyone else? Our graduates have the tools to make their passion their life’s work. We’ll teach you how to turn your passion into policy. Helping you make a change in the issues that matter to you drives the Glenn College experience.

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Each week, a speaker is invited to give a presentation. The presentations are usually held on Mondays, 12:30-1:30 in room 130 (LEC) at Page Hall. Everyone is invited to attend. Click here for Spring 2016 schedule.

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New research by Professor Jill Clark and her collaborator Xiang Chen, Arkansas Tech University, finds that stores that are likely to sell fresh produce aren’t open as long in areas with more socioeconomic struggles, and that problem is more pronounced in neighborhoods where many African Americans live. Their study —“ Measuring Space–Time Access to Food Retailers: A Case of Temporal Access Disparity in Franklin County, Ohio” — finds that time-related obstacles were greatest in lower-income African-American neighborhoods where people also are more likely to face challenges including single parenthood and work schedules that make it difficult to shop. Their work appeared this month in the journal The Professional Geographer.

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Congratulation to Glenn College major DaVonti' Haynes on winning the Undergraduate Student Award for Excellence in Community Service from Ohio State’s Office of University Outreach and Engagement.

Since coming to Ohio State, Haynes has been actively engaged in community service and service-learning initiatives. His first interaction with community service work at Ohio State was from a Buck-I-SERV trip during spring break of his freshman year. Since that trip, he has dedicated every spring break to volunteering with a Buck-I-SERV trip. As a freshman, he also founded the A Day in the Life of a Buckeye program. As a sophomore, he was engaged in STEP where he utilized his STEP stipend to work with Columbus City Schools and gain a deeper understanding of the issues students faced. Going into his third year, he joined the Social Change staff and was able to create the Mentor-A-Buckeye program. Starting in Spring 2016, he leads a program known as Principal Pride at Dominion Middle School; mentoring students through a series of activities and events, focusing on leadership, identity, cultural competency, citizenship, and service in an effort to improve attendance, grades, behavior, and critical thinking skills.

Conventional wisdom contends that promoting and maintaining economic diversity is an important way in which economies can build resilience against external economic shocks such as recessions. In new research, Professor Robert Greenbaum and Glenn College doctoral student Lathania Brown put this idea to the test, with a study of employment data from Ohio from 1977 to 2011. They find that while diversity does help buffer economies from national or local employment shocks, this can come at the cost of relatively higher levels of unemployment during times that are more prosperous. They post about their research on the London School of Economics blog.

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Congratulations to Dr. Caroline Wagner on winning the SCImago-EPI Award for best paper published in the European journal El professional de la información over the five-year period 2010-2015. She will receive the award at the International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities Journals in Madrid. Published in 2013, the winning article is “International collaboration in science: the global map and the network” and was coauthored with Loet Leydesdorff, Han Woo Park and Jonathan Adams.

Professor Stephanie Moulton and Glenn College doctoral student Steven Roll released the results of their study on the impact of financial counseling on consumer behavior at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., April 12th. The study examined the Sharpen Your Financial Focus initiative, launched by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling in 2013. The study found that Sharpen clients perform better on a variety of credit outcomes, most notably, showing improvement in levels of revolving debt and total debt, better money management and improved financial confidence as compared to a control group of consumers who did not receive the counseling. “The scale and scope of the Sharpen initiative provide an unprecedented opportunity to shed light on the impact of credit counseling on the lives of consumers,” said Moulton, who served as the Principal Investigator for this study. “What these findings provide is promising evidence that credit counseling can improve the financial position of consumers—even just 18 months after receiving services. In our evaluation, counseled clients experience a significant, robust reduction in debt and increase in borrowing capacity.”

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Glenn College ranked in the top 25 best Public Affairs programs

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs is ranked best in Ohio and 25 nationally among the 272 Public Affairs graduate schools in the 2016 U.S. News & World Report rankings.

In addition, four of the Glenn College’s specialties have been placed among the ranks of the nation’s best. Public Management Administration is positioned at No. 14. Public Policy Analysis moved up four places to No. 16. The Public Finance and Budgeting specialty is No. 21. For the first time, the Glenn College’s specialty in Nonprofit Management has been ranked debuting at No.17.

Ranked No.29 in the last U.S. News rating cycle (2012), the Glenn College has catapulted up 17 points from its founding in 2007. Its current position makes it one of the highest ranked graduate programs at The Ohio State University.

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