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What separates the students at the Glenn College from everyone else? Our graduates have the tools to make their passion their life’s work. We’ll teach you how to turn your passion into policy. Helping you make a change in the issues that matter to you drives the Glenn College experience.

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Jillian Baer, the Graduate Programs Coordinator at the Glenn College, is profiled in OnCampus, Ohio State's faculty and staff newspaper.

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Assistant Professor Jill Clark has a paper just published in the Journal of Rural Studies entitled, “The agrifood system policy agenda and research domain.” The article describes and traces the emergence of the agrifood system policy agenda in the United States and uses research domain analysis to characterize this subfield of policy research.

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Professor Caroline Wagner has been named to the advisory board for the National Science Foundation’s Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) Roadmap and Strategic Planning group. This group will facilitate the generation and execution of the next 10-year plan for this NSF program.

Also, Professor Wagner, an expert in the links between science, policy, society, and innovation, is quoted in a story in the journal Nature. The story — “Opening borders and barriers” — is about how collaboration may result in higher impact science, but are government initiatives the best way to promote these interactions.

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Professor Amanda Girth and John Marvel (George Mason University) published “Citizen Attributions of Blame in Third-Party Governance” in Public Administration Review. In the study, the authors use a survey experiment to investigate two questions: (1) When things go wrong, do citizens attribute more blame to political actors if the provider of government services is a public agency or a private contractor? (2) Does the length of the accountability chain linking political actors to service providers influence citizens’ attributions of blame? The authors find that citizens view political actors as having more control over public service delivery when services are provided directly by a public agency. They also find that political actors cannot avoid blame for poor service quality by using private contractors to delivery services.

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Milwaukee is thinking of building an arena that would incorporate some of the elements that Columbus has in the Arena District. Milwaukee’s FOX6TV interviewed Professor Robert Greenbaum on the history and impact of the Arena District.

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The National Science Foundation has awarded $1,534,178 to The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan to study the employment transitions of Ph.D. graduates; specifically the pathways graduates take to jobs in industry. Dr. Joshua Hawley, associate professor at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, and Dr. Bruce Weinberg, professor in the Department of Economics and a Glenn College courtesy faculty member, are the Co-Principal and Principal Investigators. They will work with a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, New York University and the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Professor Russell Hassan’s research on how managers can encourage employees to make constructive suggestions for organization improvements is featured in the FCW column The Lectern, written by Steve Kelman. Hassan recently had a paper on this subject printed in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

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Trustees rename 17th Avenue in honor of John and Annie Glenn

Street signs on the stretch of 17th Ave. between Tuttle Park Place and College Road will be replaced with new ones reading "Annie and John Glenn Avenue." The name change was unveiled at a meeting of the Advancement Committee of the university's board of trustees Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015. How do you say thank you for something like this?" John Glenn said. "Maybe some kid sees that sign and realizes that a whole lot of things can come down the road. We had a lot of opportunities that we could never have foreseen, growing up in a small town about 70 miles down the road."

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