All participants of the Glenn College's undergraduate, graduate, and PhD degree and non-degree programs automatically become members of the Glenn College Alumni Society upon completion of their respective program. There are no dues, fees or secret handshakes required for membership.

The governance of the Glenn College Alumni Society and the direction of its activities are vested in the alumni society board.
If you would like to serve on the alumni society board, please contact current board president Kelly Des Roches.
Board member terms last two years. Click here to find out more about board member expectations.
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The mission of the Glenn College Alumni Society is to foster interactions between the Glenn College and its alumni, with a focus on furthering the development of students in their education and future career paths. Members of the board will support and promote the advancement of the Glenn College within and beyond The Ohio State University, while encouraging fellow Glenn College alumni to:

  1. Connect with other alumni, faculty, staff and students through meaningful programs, events and communication
  2. Support educational and career opportunities for current and future Glenn College graduates.
  3. Assist with recruitment of highly qualified students.
  4. Provide financial and other means of support to the college.

Strategic Goals

The goals of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs Alumni Society are:

1. Engage alumni by providing meaningful opportunities to:
  • Socially interact and professionally network
  • Continue life-long learning and professional development
2. Engage students and provide a platform for alums to engage current students by:
  • Raising money for student scholarships
  • Mentoring students and exposing students to public affairs careers
  • Assisting with student recruitment

Board Committees

Responsible for cultivating a community of active, engaged alumni.

  • Develop programming, events and networking opportunities for all alumni
  • Coordinate activities, programs and initiatives that engage and support the young alumni program

Responsible for coordinating professional development opportunities for students, alumni and the greater College community.

  • Participate in mentorship and/or student career development opportunities
  • Fundraise for the Alumni Society Scholarship and review annual scholarship submittals
  • Coordinate career development activities
  • Assist in student recruitment activities including letter writing and phone calls

Responsible for coordinating professional development opportunities for alumni and the greater Glenn community.

  • Coordination of the annual Leadership Forum
  • Assist the College with identifying relevant topics and speakers for community educational events

Strengthen the relationship between graduates in Washington Dc and the Glenn College.

  • Coordination and fundraising for the Washington Academic Internship Program
  • Professional development and education
  • Community service
  • Social Events



President: Lauren Rummel, MPA '12
President Elect: Eric Russell, MPA '08
Secretary: Angie Crandall, PhD '08
Treasurer: Matt Stephens-Rich, MPA '14
Past President: Kelly Des Roches, MPA '92

Committee Chairs

Alumni Engagement: Kelsey Gallagher-Hiegel, MPA '15
Student Enrichment: Paul Szymanski, MA '14
Professional Development: Eric Russell, MPA '08
D.C. Outreach: Thomas Phillips, MPA '15


Laura Bunning Edgar, MPA '20
Stephanie Gilligan, MPA '10
Eric Meyer, MPA '14
Tracy Najera, MPA '00
Kevin Reardon, MA '93
Padma Sastry, PhD '06
Michael Salvadore, MPA '14
Garth Weithman, MA '16


Trevor Brown Dean, Glenn College
Julie Fridley Ohio State University Alumni Association
Lisa Frericks Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations, Glenn College

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