Putting Passion into Action

The economy, health care, climate change, energy — these are just a few of the public policy issues that affect us all. More than ever, we need public management leaders who have the skills and knowledge to tackle the issues that matter most to Ohio and the country. As an employer, you can expect our graduates to have the ability to…

  • Lead and manage in public governance.
  • Participate in and contribute to the policy process.
  • Analyze, synthesize, think critically, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Articulate and apply a public service perspective.
  • Communicate and interact productively.
  • Integrate, synthesize, and apply knowledge in a professional public service context.
  • Interact effectively with professionals from a broad range of sectors.

We look forward to working with you. To discuss your organization's needs and the best strategies for reaching Glenn School students, please contact Career Services at 614-292-9633

Employer Policies

The mission of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs Office of Career Services is to link public affairs students who seek pre- and post-graduate career opportunities with employers who wish to hire them. Direct marketing of specific employers or opportunities is limited to organizations which are considered relevant to the curriculum and mission of the college.

The Glenn College does not provide resumes, access to student registration information, and/or access to our online job-posting service to third parties. Third-parties and other employers which charge an upfront fee paid by the applicant are prohibited. Exceptions to this policy will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Assistance Provided to Third Parties

Third parties which do not charge a fee to the candidate may fax or e-mail job opening information if accompanied by a detailed job description containing the identity of the actual employing organization. This information will be posted online and made available to students who may be interested in pursuing such opportunities. No third-party recruiter will be permitted to utilize on-campus interview services.

Click here for the full version of the NACE Principles for Third-Party Recruiters

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