In today’s ever-changing job market, practical experience is of the utmost importance to employers. Internships are a fantastic way to gain this experience. In addition, an internship can also help you to…

  • Hone your transferable skills
  • Apply course content to real-world situations
  • Grow your professional network
  • Confirm your career path

While they are not an academic requirement for any Glenn College degrees, internships have become a deciding factor in landing a job!

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Public Affairs 4191.01

Glenn College undergraduate students have the opportunity to earn academic credit for their internship. This is done through successfully completing PUBAFRS 4191.01 (Nonprofit Internship). In order for your internship to be eligible for this course, it must:

  • Require at least 10 hours of work per week
  • Be in a field which is relevant to the students’ course of study or professional interests
  • Be preapproved by the Glenn College Office of Career Services

I was just hired into an internship, and I want to earn credit. Now what?

  1. Complete the Position Acceptance Form
  2. Send completed form to Allie Hutchison at or drop it off in person at the front desk in 110 Page Hall
  3. Once it has been determined that your internship meets the qualifications, the course instructor will register you for Public Affairs 4191.01

How many credit hours is PUBAFRS 4191.01 worth?

  • The class is worth 3 credit hours.

Can I retake PUBAFRS 4191.01?

  • Yes. A student may take the course for a total of 6 credit hours. However, the class may not be repeated for the same internship. If a student intends to take PUBAFRS 4191.01 twice, two separate internship experiences will be required.

How is PUBAFRS 4191.01 graded?

Washington Academic Internship Program

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs offers an exciting opportunity for Ohio State students to study and work in the nation’s capital. In the Washington Academic Internship Program, outstanding undergraduates from across campus spend an entire semester in Washington, D.C., as John Glenn Fellows.

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