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The Ohio Education Research Center — a collaborative of the John Glenn College and the Center for Human Resource Research — offers an internship program for Glenn College rising juniors and seniors. The program is designed for students interested in exploring careers in policy research and evaluation. Students will receive instruction on data based methods to investigate policy problems, and be assigned to a partner state agency in Columbus for the summer. The program allows students to discover the exciting work that the Ohio Education Research Center and its affiliate partners are engaged in, and to give students practical experience with theory they learn in college classes.


Students will engage in a combination of formal classroom and lab training, self-study, and work with agency partners. The basic curriculum design is as follows:

Students will engage in a combination of formal classroom and lab training, self-study, and work with agency partners. The basic curriculum design is as follows:

May 2018 (May 9 – June 4), Classroom based training (Introduction to Data Science in Public Sector, Review of OLDA data system, accessing procedures for OLDA data, security training); Self-Study (Stata Manual). Students will receive 3 credits from the Glenn College and be required to register for a course for the May session of Summer Semester. Part of the curriculum will include field trips to Data centers in state and local government in Ohio.

May 2018 (In class test given to students). Passing the test is required to continue to the paid internship component of the component. The test will review critical theoretical and practical content knowledge required to carry out a statistical analysis within a state government context and make a presentation to an agency official.

During May students, will be matched with an alumnus from the Glenn College (or other OSU department) working in a Data Science capacity in state, local or federal government. They will meet with the individual in order to have the opportunity to ask informal questions about career preparation in Data Science.

During the May term students will also receive a login to a website that will form the basis for communication with the other students and professionals involved in the program.

Students will be assigned to an agency research office for two months (June and July). Working with an agency partner they will perform basic and applied research on policy relevant topics. Agencies might include the Ohio Departments of Education, Higher Education, Job and Family Services, or other agencies.

During the agency internship students will participate in a weekly seminar with Glenn College/CHRR and OERC staff/faculty. These weekly seminar sessions will provide an opportunity to learn more advanced data science techniques and serve as a “learning lab” – where students can get help from staff on ongoing issues that arise in the internship site.

Students in the internship will be expected to participate in the Summer Research Internship Program and present at the Fall Forum in September.


In order to take the internship, you should be from a relevant discipline that includes both social science research methods and some basic computer programming skills. The selection committee will examine transcripts and prior work experience and look for a combination of the following, courses/skills in education policy, some exposure to evaluation and economics courses, and some experience with statistical programming such as STATA or R. Preference will be given to Glenn College students who have taken at least 3010, 3000, and a statistics class.

Please provide resume with phone number and email contact. In addition, please print off a copy of the OSU transcript and include with your file. Send a single PDF with the application as page 1, your resume, and the transcript to Joshua Hawley by February 1, 2018. Interviews will be held by February 23rd and you will be notified of a decision prior to March 2nd.


Josh Hawley, Faculty Director
Phone: 614-247-8140
Email: hawley.32@osu.edu

Lauren Porter, Staff Contact
Phone: 614-247-6498
Email: porter.700@osu.edu

Derek Koenig, Staff Contact
Phone: 614-688-2104
Email: koenig.345@osu.edu

Current Class


Stacy George

Stacy George is an incoming third year student from Canton, Ohio. At Ohio State, she is studying Public Policy through the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and Economics within the College of Arts and Sciences. Ms. George has a background in qualitative data research centered around the study of community identities within Ohio and abroad. This summer she will be analyzing data for The Ohio Housing Finance Agency to understand the effects of low-income housing on neighborhoods.


Natalie Hurst

Natalie Hurst is a rising senior in Ohio State’s Honors College studying Public Policy Analysis with a minor in Molecular Genetics. As a first-generation college student who grew up in a rural village with less than 1,000 people, Ms. Hurst is passionate about connecting fellow low-income and minority students with career and higher education opportunities. She currently holds roles at I Am My Brother’s Keeper-Columbus, the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, and the OSU Chapter of College Mentors for Kids. In the past, she has conducted stem cell research at Ohio State, Stanford, and Harvard University. She is exceedingly excited to conduct policy research at the Ohio Department of Education this summer studying the College Credit Plus program.


Aaron Kelley

Aaron Kelley is a rising fourth year student at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, pursuing a double major in Public Management, Leadership, and Policy and Political Science, with a specialization in Political Analysis. He is originally from Akron, Ohio. This summer, Aaron will be working with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, tracking the outcomes of various pathways taken by veterans in Ohio following their separation from the military.


Benjamin Stone

Benjamin Stone is a rising senior majoring in Economics and Public Policy Analysis at Ohio State University. Born and raised in central Ohio, he has experience working as a research assistant on both the Education Governance and Accountability Project through the John Glenn College, and the Government Financial Health over Time Project through the Sociology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences. This summer, Benjamin will be interning with the Ohio Department of Higher Education as a data analytics intern to study the College Credit Plus program experience and how it impacts college enrollment and completion.


Jarod Wade

Jarod Wade is a rising senior from Cleveland, Ohio majoring in Public Policy Analysis at Ohio State’s John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Jarod is a passionate LGBTQ rights advocate and has dedicated time to create inclusive spaces for people with disabilities within the Residence Halls at Ohio State. He will be analyzing data for the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities office this summer to better understand employment disparities in Ohio.

Individual presentations and a poster session on August 4 marked the completion of the first year of the Ohio Education Research Center (OERC) Public Sector Data Analysis Internship Program. This program, developed by Joshua Hawley, allows students to discover the exciting work that the Ohio Education Research Center and its affiliate partners are engaged in, and to give students practical experience with the theory they learn in college classes.

The four interns — Meg Collyer, Daniel Gluck, Levi Griffith and Kacie Ziemann — presented their final research findings to over twenty decision makers from Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, Ohio Department of Higher Education, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.

This presentation culminates a summer beginning with instruction in data use in policy settings, data management and manipulation, and data analysis techniques. After the classroom instruction, interns worked in state agencies alongside policy staff to tackle research projects posed by the agencies, which will aid development of agency-specific policies moving forward.

Public Sector Data Analysis Internship projects included exploration of college-going habits of Ohio high school graduates in public and private colleges, outcomes of properties involved in a lend-lease program, impact of early grades on likelihood of college completion, and a county-level fiscal analysis of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs in comparison to individuals receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

The successful completion of the Public Sector Data Analysis Internship and the students’ experiences in state agencies is an example of the collaboration between the Glenn College and state agencies belonging to the Ohio Analytics data partnership. Providing a unique experience to produce timely and unique research responsive to agency needs while employed in a state agency setting, the Public Sector Data Analysis Internship will be recruiting for its second cohort of interns in the coming months.

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