The All-Volunteer Force, is it Working?

What if we had a war and no one showed up on our side? War requires a lot of manpower and recruiting enough volunteers to maintain a professional military at required levels can be difficult. Are military recruiting methods fair, efficient and sustainable? Personnel costs, enlistment standards, repeated tours of duty and other policies have been modified in the short-term but what are the long-term effects on a democratic society of an all-volunteer force.

Join Dean Trevor Brown and Major General Dennis Laich as we discuss how these policies affect our military force now and in the future and what the alternatives could be.

Tuesday, September 27
5:30p.m. - 7p.m. (program begins at 5:45 pm)
John Glenn College of Public Affairs
1810 College Rd
Room 130 (LEC)
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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