Jos C.N. Raadschelders, received his Ph.D. in the social sciences from the University of Leiden in 1990 for a study on local government development in the Netherlands between 1600-1980. That study prompted an interest in both general purpose (municipality) as well as specific purpose local governments (e.g., Dutch waterboards). He continues to do research on local government.

His master's degree is also from the University of Leiden (1982) and is in history, with minors in public administration and international relations. His interest in history is visible in his many publications on administrative history as an approach and of specific administrative histories (water management, church and state, administration of national heritage, elementary and secondary education, police, etc.).

Another of his interests is epistemology of public administration, a topic in which he published several articles and that culminated in a book with Oxford University Press (2011).

Being born and raised in the Netherlands and coming to the United States in 1998, it is not a surprise that he is interested in comparative government and completed a book about this with a colleague in Israel (Eran Vigoda-Gadot). In fact, being responsible for an international exchange program at the University of Leiden (between 1989-1998) he has met students from all over the world and is very much aware of national differences in education styles and in the structure and functioning of government. That has translated in an interest in organizational culture and ethics, an area he has published and taught.

Dr. Raadschelders has done consulting work in the Netherlands (for waterboards), and had some influence upon legislation concerning the articles about itinerant trade in the Dutch Municipal Act. He has lectured before and taught public servants from various countries, including diplomats from Mozambique; civil servants from Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, the United States, Latvia, the Kyrghyz Republic, China, Kenya, and Yemen; legislators from Finland; and military personnel from the United States.

He has published a variety of books and articles. In the 2006-2011 period he served as managing editor of Public Administration Review, the journal of record of the American Society for Public Administration and the leading public administration journal in the world. Prior to his appointment at the Glenn School he worked at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands (1983-1998) and the University of Oklahoma (1998-2011).

Areas of research

  • Comparative Government
  • Organizational Theory, Culture, and Ethics
  • Epistemology of Public Administration
(2011). Public Administration: The Interdisciplinary Study of Government (Oxford University Press) (288 pp).

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Professor Jos C.N. Raadschelders has been elected as a Fellow to the National Academy of Public Administration. Founded in 1967, the National Academy of Public Administration is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization established to assist government leaders in building more effective, efficient, accountable, and transparent organizations. Election to the National Academy is one of the highest honors for those engaged in the study or practice of public administration. The Academy’s nearly 800 Fellows including former cabinet officers, members of Congress, governors, as well as prominent scholars, business executives, and public administrators. » Click here to learn more.

Professor Jos C.N. Raadschelders has been appointed to the editorial board of The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal for a three-year term. The Innovation Journal is an independent, peer-reviewed, Internet-based journal devoted to sharing ideas and discussing public sector innovation. It publishes scholarly and practitioner-oriented papers, books, case studies, review essays, and book reviews. » Click here to learn more about The Innovation Journal

Professor Jos Raadschelders has been appointed to the editorial board of Public Administration: An International Quarterly for a three-year renewable term. »Click here to learn about Public Administration.

Foundations of Public Administration

Edited by Dr. Raadschelders and Richard J. Stillman II of the University of Colorado, Denver, Foundations of Public Affairs provides a comprehensive overview of the foundations of U.S. public administration, written by many of the top experts in the field. Click here to learn more.

Global Dimensions of Public Administration and Governance

Global Dimensions of Public Administration and Governance: A Comparative Voyageis a comprehensive, comparative text on the structure and function of governments around the world. Written by two of the field's leading public administration scholars, this book provides an interdisciplinary perspective and a global, historical, and theoretical examination of the management and governance of the modern state. Authors: Jos Raadschelders, Eran Vigoda-Gadot »Click here to learn more.

Comparative Civil Service Systems in the 21st Century

Comparative Civil Service Systems in the 21st Century. In this expanded and updated edition of a benchmark volume, a cast of international contributors compare and contrast civil services from around the world and the adaptations that have been made in order to cope with the new challenges of running public services in the 21st century. Edited by : Frits M. Van der Meer, Jos C.N. Raadschelders and Theo A.J. Toonen »Click here to learn more.

Public Administration and the Modern State

Public Administration and the Modern State: Assessing Trends and Impact assesses the nature of public administration in the 21st Century and looks at the ways in which public sectors have adapted in order to confront the daunting challenges faced by today’s governments. Authors: Jos C.N. Raadschelders, Eberhard Bohne, John D. Graham » Click here to learn more.

Mastering Public Administration

Mastering Public Administration. From Max Weber to Dwight Waldo. In this updated third edition each chapter spotlights a significant theorist in the field, covering their life, research, writings, and impact. Nine mini-chapters were written by 15 of the Glenn School’s doctoral students. The combination of biographical narrative with explanation and analysis makes abstract theories understandable and providing much-needed context. Authors: Brian R. Fry and Jos C.N. Raadschelders »Click here to learn more.

Public Administration: The Interdisciplinary Study of Government

Public Administration: The Interdisciplinary Study of Government by Jos C.N. Raadschelders provides an account of the discipline, considering its history, growth, boundaries, and underlying assumptions.
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