Master of Public Administration

Our traditional, two-year full-time residential master’s program provides a broad, skills-based curriculum in policy, public management, leadership, economics, and data-driven decision-making. With a wide-open elective requirement, students can tailor the Glenn College MPA in almost any direction imaginable, from education policy to local government to nonprofit management to space policy.

Master of Public Administration-DC

Students have the opportunity to complete the first year of their MPA in Columbus, and continue their degree during the second year while working in Washington, D.C. The MPA-DC track is designed to train Glenn College students for future careers in Washington. Students will jumpstart their careers and build their professional network a full year before they graduate

Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management

The “in-career” master’s program is designed for working professionals offers the same broad, skill-based curriculum as the MPA, but requires fewer electives, and can be completed part-time in two years. The MA is only 10 classes—all classes can be completed in the evenings, with some hybrid and online offerings available. Specific eligibility requirements must be met to apply.

Master of Public Administration and Leadership

The online Master of Public Administration and Leadership (MPAL) is designed for mid-career professionals who have a passion for solving management challenges in the workplace and a desire to strengthen leadership skills. Students can complete the MPAL, online, within two years while continuing to work full-time. Whether your goal is to advance in your career, obtain a leadership role at the local, state, or national level, or simply enhance your leadership skills, the MPAL offers valuable experience to help you achieve your career goals.

Dual/Joint Degree Programs

We have 10 dual degree partnerships across campus, in which students can combine two graduate degree programs. By pursuing the degrees concurrently, students can graduate in less time and with fewer credits compared to doing the degrees separately. The MPA or MA programs can be a great complement to other graduate degrees by teaching essential policy and public management skills, and how to speak “the language of government,” which can be helpful in almost any career! Students can also propose a dual degree combination not on our list, as long as both programs are on-board.

PhD in Public Policy and Management

Our doctoral program is a residential, full-time, cohort-based program that provides a thorough grounding in both research and teaching, preparing students for faculty positions in the field. Admission decisions are based on both academic preparation and a match between applicants’ research interests and those of Glenn College faculty members.

Graduate Minors

We offer two graduate minors, one in Public Policy & Management and one in Nonprofit Studies. These minors can be added on to virtually any other graduate degree at Ohio State: just make sure to check in with your advisor before pursuing! The minors are each just three Glenn College classes, and so can usually be added on to your degree without adding extra time. Minors are a great way to get a bit of policy or management experience without committing to a dual degree.

Graduate Certificates

The Glenn College certificate programs allow students to develop and highlight their skills in a specific area of expertise. Certificates can stand alone or be added on to a graduate degree program.

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