A flexible master’s option for individuals with work experience

If you have been in the workforce and are seeking to advance in your field, the Glenn College’s Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management program is a perfect fit. The scheduling flexibility allows you to balance work, school and family life. You can take classes during evening hours; or take a year off from work, to attend the program full-time, and earn your degree in one year. Whether you are looking to move up or start a new career path, taking this step to enhance analytical and managerial skills will propel you forward.

To learn more about the Glenn College’s MA program, please fill out our inquiry card and we will send you additional information immediately. Attend an upcoming webinar.

Are you eligible?

Eligible individuals must have at least three years of significant post-baccalaureate experience. While the Admissions Committee assesses each prospective In-Career MA student’s experiences on an individual basis, the following indicators are useful in understanding how the Glenn College defines significant administrative and analytical experience.

Administrative Experience:
  • Responsibility for personnel decisions (hiring/supervising/evaluating) in an organization
  • Responsibility for formulating budget decisions in an organization
  • Increasing responsibility over time
Analytical Experience:
  • Responsibility for researching and writing reports that inform decision-making in an organization
  • Increasing responsibility over time

Before submitting an application, we encourage prospective students to email their resume to GlennApply@osu.edu to confirm eligibility. Please include a short statement explaining how your resume reflects administrative or analytical experience.


The core curriculum consists of courses in four streams – public policy, public management, public sector economics and data analysis. Click here to view how students typically complete these requirements.

In addition to traditional in-person classes often taught during the day, the Glenn College also offers its core classes in a blended format in which some of the material is delivered online, allowing the in-person class time to be more efficiently utilized. These hybrid classes are scheduled conveniently and compactly in the evenings to make them accessible to working professionals. A number of classes are also available fully online.

In addition to the core curriculum courses, MA students are required to complete at least one elective. See our Elective Offerings page for a comprehensive list of electives offered through the Glenn College.

The final requirement of the MA degree is the Capstone course. The purpose of this course is to synthesize, integrate and apply the knowledge, skills and perspectives acquired through the core curriculum. Click here to learn about the requirements and expectations of the Capstone course students take during their final semester before graduation.

For more information about our curriculum, please review the Program Plans and Advising Sheets.

Download the Masters Students' Handbook

Program Preparation

While there are no formal prerequisite requirements for the MA, all of the programs at the Glenn College have a strong analytical component and students are expected to be familiar with basic concepts of statistics and economics and knowledgeable about the workings of the U.S. Government. Undergraduate courses in microeconomics, statistics and government is strongly recommended.

The minimum undergraduate GPA for all programs at The Ohio State University is a 3.0. Students are also required to have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited institution to enroll. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, set by the University, but would still like to apply, please contact the Glenn College to discuss additional options. If you are interested in seeing how you compare to your peers, please visit our By the Numbers page featuring a demographic breakdown of our various degree populations, admissions statistics of the latest incoming class and their test score average.

Next Steps…?

For step-by-step instructions for applying to our In-Career Master of Arts degree, deadlines and other required materials, please visit our Graduate Admissions page.

Please be sure to complete an inquiry card before submitting any materials. This important first step ensures receiving more information about the Glenn College and the programs we offer.


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