In recent decades, the traditional divisions between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in the U.S. have become less rigid. For example, in efforts to increase efficiency and capitalize on scarce resources, public sector agencies and nonprofit organizations regularly contract out to private sector service providers. Also, for-profit corporations with social responsibility or sustainability interests look to nonprofit organizations and government agencies that have long provided services and conducted research in these areas.

How does one optimally prepare for a meaningful career in this increasingly fluid and changing landscape?

Effectively research, analyze, and make decisions on policies that affect you and your profession

Operating in collaboration with, or within governmental or nonprofit entities requires specialized knowledge of policy issues and decision-making practices in the public sector.

Build applied skills in public management techniques

People who work in the public sector often have motivations that go beyond profit, and their managers therefore have unique constraints as well as opportunities. Being prepared to lead and manage at an entry- to mid-level capacity in public governance gives you a leg up over others entering the workforce.

Articulate and apply a public service perspective

If you can appreciate and communicate to others what public service means and what motivates people to serve, you will be conversant with the values of the largest sector of the U.S. workforce.

Interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce citizenry

Research continues to show that results of collaboration among diverse individuals yield the best outcomes. In an increasingly diverse world cultural competency provides advantages for you and those around you.

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