NEW Leadership™ is a national bi-partisan program that addresses the underrepresentation of women in American politics. The five-day residential summer institute educates college women about the important role that politics plays in their lives and encourages them to become effective leaders in the political arena.

A New Vision for Ohio

NEW Leadership Ohio dispels the stereotypes about the obstacles women face as candidates, prepares women for the reality of political campaigns, increases their confidence in their abilities as candidates and elected officials and asks women to consider running for public office.

A New Vision for Themselves

NEW Leadership Ohio asks women to get involved in politics by working on campaigns and issues that further their own values and beliefs about how to improve society.

A Network for Action

NEW Leadership Ohio introduces the participants to a group of current office holders and professionals who can assist and guide them and creates a cohesive cohort of colleagues who they can call upon in the future as they launch their own campaigns.


NEW Leadership Ohio is administered by the John Glenn College of Public Affairs with support from The Ohio State University Department of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio and supporters like you. If you believe in women’s leadership and would like to contribute to NEW Leadership, please click here.


The purpose of the NEW Leadership program is to encourage and empower college women to take on public and political leadership roles. Participants spend five days in an intensive, residential institute. During this time participants will: learn the history of women’s involvement in public life, gain leadership skills in public speaking, advocacy, and diversity, and form a network of their peers as well as current women leaders. Once the residential institute ends, NEW Leadership participants are encouraged to continue to build their leadership skills on their home campuses. They are also encouraged to consider running for public office at some time in the future.


Because of the generosity of contributors, NEW Leadership Ohio pays for all program costs, including meals and lodging. NEW Leadership students are responsible for one lunch on your own and travel costs incurred in getting to and from the program location in Columbus, Ohio. Because of the immense efforts put into fully funding each NEW Leadership student, accepted students cannot defer enrollment in the program.

Who Should Apply?

Women enrolled in any Ohio 2-year or 4-year college or university or Ohio residents attending school outside of the state. Preference is given to undergraduates.

Women that represent different racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Women that represent a variety of academic majors, ages and interests.

How do I Apply?

To be considered for the 2019 New Leadership cohort, please complete the online application form by March 4, 2019.

For professional women leaders the Glenn College hosts Ready to Run Campaign Training for Women.

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