The Glenn College Colloquium Series is held on Monday from 12:30-1:30 in the the LEC (130 Page Hall). Please join us for an informative and lively discussion of current public policy and management issues and topics. Lunch is provided.

Glenn Colloquium Series Schedule

2017 Fall Semester

Please check back, the fall GCCS schedule will be posted soon.

The purpose of this series

The purpose of the Glenn College Colloquium Series (GCCS) is to offer a venue for students, faculty, and community members of the Ohio State University to participate in the collaborative process of advancing scholarly research related to public administration, management, and policy and facilitating shared learning about research designs and methods for the study of public affairs.

Towards this end, the mission of the GCCS is to provide a venue for the presentation and discussion of peer-reviewed or prospective peer-reviewed empirical work by researchers from every stage of their careers. The GCCS emphasizes presentation of innovative research designs exemplifying the full spectrum of methods of inquiry pertinent to public affairs.

The Colloquium Series encourages and prioritizes the presentation of work that;
  1. Is topically relevant to the field of public affairs: In the spirit of the “generalist discipline” that is public affairs, we invite speakers from myriad disciplinary backgrounds, but encourage speakers to frame their research question in terms of its relevance to public administration, management, and/or policy.
  2. Clearly states its research question(s): We are a community interesting in the development and exploration of focused research questions related to public affairs. Towards that end, we invite presentations that identify and empirically explore a focused research question or set of questions.
  3. Uses Pertinent research design: While public policy is informed by myriad research area, the GCCS is primarily a venue for the discussion and advancement of research concerning the study of the broader field of public affairs. Thus, we invite presentations utilizing research designs that are applicable to the study of public affairs.
  4. Identifies and analyzes findings: the GCCS invites presentations of both in-process and completed work, but encourages presenters to present findings, even if preliminary rather than research proposals.
  5. Clearly articulates implications for the study of public affairs: We encourage all speakers to clearly delineate the implications of research findings for the field of public affairs, either in terms of research or practice.

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