Are you ready to be a public sector or nonprofit leader?

The Glenn College’s Master of Public Administration degree provides you with the applied skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce. You will be prepared to lead and grow in your career through a solid grounding in the study of public policy, economics, management and data analysis. In your second year, you can explore and specialize through elective coursework and participate in a Capstone experience. Choose to make a difference. Apply now.

Most of our MPA students work 20-hours per week in addition to the full-time curriculum. The Glenn College Career Services staff is available to help students seeking options for gaining work experience while obtaining their master’s degree.

To learn more about the Glenn College’s MPA program, please complete an inquiry card to receive additional information.


The MPA core curriculum is designed to provide students a solid grounding in the study of public policy, economics, management and data analysis. MPA students often complete core coursework during the first year of study. During year two, students are able to specialize coursework through skills courses, electives and a Capstone course.

Our program offers a wide scope of practical and skill-based courses that give students the tools needed for advancement. All students are required to take a written and oral communication skills course in addition to choosing from a host of other courses, such as survey design, contract management and negotiation. These courses follow a 7-week (half semester) format.

The Glenn College electives allow students to focus on a particular policy area of interest, or further develop a chosen skill set. See our Elective Offerings for a comprehensive list of electives. Our Student Services staff are available to help students individualize their programs of study and find the path that is right for them. Students may also petition to take classes from other graduate programs at The Ohio State University.

If you are looking to enhance your time spent at The Ohio State University, consider one of our Dual Degrees or adding a Graduate School Minor or specialization. Ohio State's graduate minors and interdisciplinary specializations are open to any graduate student interested in developing a secondary expertise for as few as 10 hours of graduate-level coursework. Completion of a graduate minor or interdisciplinary specialization are noted on the student's official Ohio State transcript. As a Glenn College student, you are eligible to use up to three hours of the minor/specialization towards your elective coursework. See your advisor for more details.

The final requirement of the MPA degree is a Capstone course. This course is designed to synthesize, integrate, and apply the knowledge, skills and perspectives acquired in the core curriculum. Check out our Capstone Resource page to review all of the requirements and expectations of the Capstone course.

For more detailed information about the curriculum, please review our Program Plans and Advising Sheets.

Masters Students' Handbook

Program Preparation

While there are no formal prerequisite requirements for the MPA, all of the programs at the Glenn College have a strong analytical component and it is strongly recommended that students have familiarity with basic concepts from statistics and economics, as well as be knowledgeable about American government. Courses are taught with the expectation that students have previously completed undergraduate coursework in microeconomics, statistics and American government, and such coursework is a factor in the admissions decision.

The minimum undergraduate GPA for all programs at The Ohio State University is a 3.0. Students are also required to have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited institution to enroll. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, set by the University, but would still like to apply, please contact the Glenn College to discuss additional options. If you are interested in seeing how you compare to your peers, please visit our By the Numbers page — featuring a demographic breakdown of our various degree populations, admissions statistics of the latest incoming class and their test score average.

Next Steps…?

For step-by-step instructions about how to apply to the Master of Public Administration program, review deadlines and other required materials, please check out our MPA Application page.

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