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Master of Public Administration Washington, D.C.

Launch your career in Washington.

The Glenn College MPA-DC program allows you to complete your MPA while gaining professional experience in the nation's capital. After a year of studying in Columbus, year two is spent living, learning and working in Washington, D.C.

  • Intern four days a week
  • Complete specialized coursework in federal policy and management
  • Engage with your cohort and build relationships through experiential learning opportunities
  • Nurture your passion for public service and administration
  • Grow your network in D.C.
  • Gain experience that makes you more competitive for future employment opportunities

MPA-DC Core Curriculum

The MPA-DC core curriculum is designed to provide students a solid grounding in the study of public policy, economics, management and data analysis. Students must complete all year-one MPA-DC core courses in Columbus and final year of graduate study in Washington. MPA-DC students can complete MPA-DC and a dual degree as long as these requirements are met.

Sample Course Syllabi

MPA-DC Advising and Curriculum Detail

Decisions Support Systems Stream

PUBAFRS 6070 – Public Affairs Statistics

Techniques and statistics used in the analysis of public policy issues and problems

PUBAFRS 6080 – Public Affairs Program Evaluation

Survey of the conceptual, methodological, bureaucratic, political and organizational issues surrounding evaluation research. Prerequisite: PUBAFRS 6070

Management Stream

PUBAFRS 6050 – Managing Public Sector Organizations

Analysis of alternative approaches to the management of public agencies. Examination of alternative strategies that managers may use to link the agency to its operating environment.

PUBAFRS 6060 – Managing Human Resources in Public Organizations

Development of analytic and interpersonal skills needed for public sector management. Analytical and experiential learning through reading, lecture, discussion, case analysis, in-class presentations, management decision-making simulations and role-playing.

Economics Stream

PUBAFRS 6030 – Public Sector Economics

Economic analysis applied to problems of public policy selection and government management operations; efficiency criteria, market failure and public choice applied to administrative decision-making.

PUBAFRS 6040 – Public Budgeting and Finance

Comprehensive survey and analysis of the principal fiscal activities of contemporary governments, public-sector activity, taxation, intergovernmental relations and fiscal problems. Budgeting as analysis of resource allocation, planning, tools of analysis and measurement of program results.. Prerequisite: PUBAFRS 6030

Public Policy Stream

PUBAFRS 6000 – Public Policy Formulation and Implementation

Analysis of the operating environment of the public administrator: public policy processes, public organization behavior and policy formulation in the U.S. federal system.

PUBAFRS 6010 – Legal Environment of Public Organizations

Examination of public administration within the managerial, political and legal traditions of the U.S. Constitution with the goal of teaching public managers how to work with the law through an understanding of legal concepts, jargon, skills and issues. The course covers federal and Ohio law.

Sample 2-Year Program Plan

This plan is designed as a sample program plan for a typical, full-time MPA student who wants to complete the program in two years. The spring-start plan, part-time plan, or ¾ time plan for MPA students may vary each year.

For more information on curriculum and delivery patterns, visit the Masters Program Handbook and the MPA-DC Advising Page.

Autumn Semester

  • PUBAFRS 6000: Public Policy Formulation and Implementation (4)
  • PUBAFRS 6030: Public Sector Economics (4)
  • PUBAFRS 6070: Public Affairs Statistics (4)
  • PUBAFRS 6500: (skills) Written and Oral Communication (2)
  • PUBAFRS 6540: Professional Development (1)

Spring Semester

  • PUBAFRS 6010: Legal Environment of Public Organizations (4)
  • PUBAFRS 6040: Public Budgeting and Finance (4)
  • PUBAFRS 6080: Public Affairs Program Evaluation (4)
  • PUBAFRS 5545: Make a Difference in Washington (1)
  • Elective (3 credits each) Summer Semester (Optional)

Summer Term (Optional)

  • Elective (3 credits each)
  • Skills course(s) (1 credit each)

Autumn Semester

  • PUBAFRS 6050: Managing Public Sector Organizations (4)
  • PUBAFRS 7600: Federal Policy and Administration (3)
  • Elective (3 credits each)
  • Skills course(s) (1 credit each)

Spring Semester

  • PUBAFRS 6060: Managerial Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (4)
  • PUBAFRS 7980: MPA-DC Capstone (3)
  • Elective (3 credits each)

Apply Today

Review the application steps below before beginning your application.

Master of Public Administration application.
Program Code: PUBADM-MPA

Students who intend to apply for MPA-DC will complete the same application as students applying for the MPA program. Application details are found on the Master of Public Administration program webpage. Students interested in MPA-DC will complete two additional essay questions included in the application to elaborate on their interest in Washington. 

There are no additional fees to participate in MPA-DC.


Indicate your academic and career goals, your interest in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, and how your education and work experience qualify you for admission. There is no length requirement for the personal statement.

*If you are an internal transfer student who started an Ohio State degree that you do not plan to complete before entering the Glenn College, please describe why you do not plan to complete your current degree (e.g., unable to pass qualifying exams, change in research interests), and why you think that the Glenn College is a better fit.

Resume or CV: Be sure to include work experience, volunteer activities, academics and professional honors, honorary societies, extracurricular activities, offices held, any publications and other significant activities.

Three letters of recommendation are required and should reflect the academic and, if relevant, job capability and experiences of the applicant. The letters should speak to the applicant’s ability to excel in an academic professional program. 


  • Letters must be submitted electronically using the online application (select “Public Policy and Management”).
  • While completing your online application, please provide your recommender’s name and email address. The Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions will send an email to the recommenders instructing them to complete a short assessment and upload a PDF recommendation letter. 
  • Inform your letter writers that they will receive an email from Ohio State once you submit the online application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure letters of recommendation are completed by posted deadlines. 
  • If recommenders experience difficulties accessing the link or using the online system, please contact the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions directly at
  • Letters of recommendation sent directly to the Glenn College will not be accepted.

Upload transcripts from ALL of the universities and colleges you attended with your online application as an attachment. 

  • Transcripts are required, even for classes transferred from another institution, including classes attended during high school or completed through a study abroad program.
  • Transcripts are not required for coursework completed at Ohio State. 
  • Submit copies (front and back) of official transcripts. Please submit only scanned images of official transcripts issued by your institution’s registrar. Ohio State will not accept web reports, advising reports, self-reported scores or transfer credit on another school’s transcript.

Transcripts submitted with the online application are considered unofficial and, if admitted, you will be required to submit an official set of transcripts with statement of degree (if appropriate) prior to enrolling at Ohio State.

GRE Scores are no longer required for any applicant to a master's level program at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Applicants with a GPA that fall below a 3.0 are encouraged to contact the Glenn College for further direction in strengthening their application.

  • The GRE is required if the applicant’s GPA for the last degree earned is less than 3.0. 
  • GMAT and LSAT scores will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Official GRE and GMAT Codes:
GRE Institution Code: 1592; Department Code: 2204
GMAT Program Code: ZLJ-GT-29 Master in Public Policy

D.C. Support Team

The Glenn College has a dedicated team in Washington to support you through your experience in D.C.

We will help you find an internship opportunity that fits your passions and skills while coaching you through the placement process. To prepare you for your time in Washington, we will match you with an alumni mentor who will also help guide you through the program

Attend an Information Session

If you're considering a master's degree at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, we encourage you to attend one of our upcoming graduate information sessions. Our team will discuss our degree programs, student benefits and the application process. To register, select the date below and you will be sent details about the location. All times listed are in the eastern United States time zone (Ohio).

Virtual Information Sessions (2024-2025):

In person Information Sessions (2024-2025):

Can't make it? Visit the Connect with Us page to learn more about how to get in contact to learn more about our graduate programs. 

More about MPA-DC

Learn about program impact from our students and alumni.

MPA-DC Program Celebrates 5 Years

Students in the Glenn College Master of Public Administration, Washington, D.C., program blend first-rate curriculum with internship experience to pursue federal nonprofit or public service careers.

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