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Undergraduate Advising

Make the most of your college experience. Glenn College undergraduate advisors can help you navigate your options and support you to make the best decisions for your future career. 

How we can help

Course selection and degree planning
University policies, procedures and deadlines
Campus resources and success strategies
Graduation requirements
Petitions and appeals

Ohio State students are responsible for knowing important university dates and deadlines regarding registration, fees and more. Please visit the registrar’s website for a comprehensive list of dates and deadlines.


Course Additions for Full Semester Classes*

  • Online “Open” Registration through: 1st Friday
  • With Instructor Permission: 2nd Friday
  • By Petition Only: After 2nd Friday

Course Drops/Withdrawals for Full Semester Classes*

  • Last Day to Drop Online without a “W”: 4th Friday
  • Last Day to Withdraw/“W” will appear on transcript: 10th Friday
  • By Petition Only: After 10th Friday

Students graduating from the Glenn College must submit an application to graduate during the term in which they wish to graduate. Applications must be submitted by the following deadlines:

  • Fall: Apply by Oct. 1
  • Spring: Apply by March 1
  • Summer: Apply by July 1

As a student of Ohio State, there are many campus resources available to make your time in college as seamless as possible.

Advising at OSU: For general questions related to adding/dropping courses, picking up a minor, Degree Audit Reports, transfer credit, transcripts, Carmen and more.

Financial Aid: All questions related to financial aid, scholarships and/or fees should be directed to Student Financial Aid.

Counseling and Consultation Services : Individual counseling, group counseling, workshops and more

Glenn College Career Services: Support for launching your career in public service

Disability Services: Receive support while ensuring equal access to university life.

Student Advocacy Center: Assistance with academic petitions or grievances, support through illnesses or personal crises, and many other services.

Student Wellness Center: Empowers students to strive for balance and wellness through personal coaching, workshops and more.

Writing Center: Free help with any stage of the writing process.

Younkin Success Center: Career Counseling and Support Services, the Walter E. Dennis Learning Center, Counseling and Consultation Services and more.

Buckeye Link: Located on the corner of Lane and Tuttle, this one-stop shop houses the registrar, bursar, student financial aid and more.

Carly Dearborn, the Glenn College’s librarian, maintains a page of Public Affairs Resources.

It is highly recommended that you consult with your academic advisor before completing any of the forms or petitions below.

Adding a Course (after the first Friday)Course Enrollment Permission Form
This form and instructor permission are needed for courses added after the first Friday and prior to the second Friday of the semester.

Adding a Course (after the second Friday)Undergraduate Registration Petition Form
This form is needed for late course adds that occur after the second Friday of the semester.

Add a Course Requiring Instructor PermissionCourse Enrollment Permission Form
Complete this form by contacting the course instructor to get approval to add any course requiring instructor permission.

Curriculum PetitionCurriculum Petition Form
These petitions are used when a student would like to alter curricular requirements. Typically, this includes substituting a new course or waiving a requirement for a GE, major or specialization requirement.

Dual Degree PetitionDual Degree Petition Form
If you would like to add a second degree to your academic plan, a dual degree petition will need to be completed for the Public Affairs major.

Minor as Specialization PetitionPersonalized/Minor as Specialization Petition Form
If a student would like to complete a minor as their specialization, they can attempt to petition a major for approval through this petition.

Over Maximum Credit Hours PetitionUndergraduate Registration Petition Form
Exceeding 18 credit hours in a certain term is not only rigorous, but there are financial ramifications as well. Students seeking to exceed 18 hours must submit a petition in order for the Glenn College to determine if this is the best course of action.

Personalized Specialization Track PetitionPersonalized/Minor as Specialization Petition Form
If a student would like to specialize their major coursework in a certain policy or topic area that does not already exist, they can attempt to create a personalized track of their own through this petition process.

Retroactive Withdrawal PetitionUndergraduate Registration Petition Form
This petition is for extenuating circumstances where a student wishes to change their withdrawal date to a previous date within the semester.

Withdrawing from a Course (after the 4th Friday)Withdrawal Request Form
This form is needed for any full-session course drops after the 4th Friday of the semester and before the 10th Friday. Please note, this drop will be considered a “withdrawal,” meaning a “W” will appear on permanent academic records.

Withdrawing from a Course (after the 10th Friday)Undergraduate Registration Petition Form
This form is needed for any full-session course drops after the 10th Friday of the semester. Please note, this drop will be considered a “withdrawal,” meaning a “W” will appear on permanent academic records.


The Glenn College offers a variety of core and elective courses across all academic terms.

Undergraduate Degree Course Offering Pattern
Undergraduate Minor Course Offering Pattern
Sample Course Syllabi


Meet our Advisors

I came into Ohio State knowing I wanted to major in Public Affairs, but also wanting to pick up a minor and Whitney was so supportive in helping me find and declare a minor. I now have a minor in Inequality & Society and Whitney made the whole process super smooth. She always takes the time to make sure that I have all the resources I need to be successful!” 

— Natanya Koshy, Public Policy Analysis student, IGNITE OSU chapter president