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Glenn College Alumni Society

Engage with the Glenn College family.

The Glenn College Alumni Society is a strategic partner and active participant in the life of the college. All graduates of the Glenn College's undergraduate, graduate, PhD, certificate and cocurricular programs automatically become members of the Glenn College Alumni Society upon completion of their respective programs. There are no dues or fees associated with membership — only a commitment to service.


On a Mission

The mission of the Glenn College Alumni Society is to foster interactions between the Glenn College and its alumni, with a focus on furthering the development of students in their education and future career paths. Members of the board will support and promote the advancement of the Glenn College within and beyond The Ohio State University, while...

Encouraging fellow Glenn College alumni to:

  • Connect with other alumni, faculty, staff and students through meaningful programs, events and communication.
  • Support educational and career opportunities for current and future Glenn College graduates.
  • Assist with recruitment of highly qualified students. 
  • Provide financial and other means of support to the college.

Engaging alumni by providing meaningful opportunities to:

  • Socially interact and professionally network
  • Continue lifelong learning and professional development

Supporting students and providing a platform for alums to engage current students by:

  • Raising money for student scholarships 
  • Mentoring students and exposing students to public affairs careers
  • Assisting with student recruitment

Alumni Impact Campaign

Help us champion the next generation of public leaders and civil servants. Simple monthly donations can make a big impact by helping to fully endowing the Glenn College Alumni Society Student Scholarship Fund.

Join a Committee


    The Alumni Engagement Committee is responsible for cultivating a community of active, engaged alumni.

    • Develop programming, events and networking opportunities for all alumni
    • Coordinate activities, programs and initiatives that engage and support the young alumni program

    The Professional Development Committee is responsible for coordinating professional development opportunities for alumni and the greater public and nonprofit community.

    • Coordinate the annual Leadership Forum
    • Assist the college with identifying relevant topics and speakers for community events

    The Social Equity Committee is responsible for pursuing a commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for all students and alumni, with a focus on historically marginalized individuals and groups in the Glenn College community.

    • Provide ongoing opportunities for public administration-related social equity education within alumni programming
    • Collaborate with the Glenn College on recruitment efforts to increase the enrollment of historically marginalized students
    • Promote the enrichment of multicultural student experiences at the Glenn College by directly supporting the student programs and initiatives of the Public Affairs Multicultural Student Organization and other relevant student groups by providing opportunities for mentorship and student-related support relevant to historically marginalized students
    • Build an inclusive community of belonging by providing meaningful engagement through networking and service

    The Student Enrichment Committee is responsible for coordinating and/or supporting recruitment and professional development opportunities for students.

    • Participate in mentorship and/or student career development opportunities
    • Coordinate career development activities
    • Assist in student recruitment activities

    The Washington, D.C., Outreach Committee is responsible for strengthening the relationship between graduates in Washington, D.C., and the Glenn College.

    • Program support and fundraising for the Washington Academic Internship Program
    • Professional development and education
    • Community service 
    • Social events
    Alumni Engagement Committee
    Professional Development Committee
    Social Equity Committee
    Student Enrichment Committee
    Washington, D.C., Outreach Committee

    Board Member Eligibility

    All graduates of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and its predecessors (John Glenn School of Public Affairs, School of Public Policy and Management, School of Public Administration and Division of Public Administration) as well as graduates of the Glenn College cocurricular programs are eligible to serve on the board. 

    Active participation on an alumni society committee is highly desired.

    Board Member Commitment

    Board members commit to the following:

    • Serve a two-year term, not to exceed two consecutive terms
    • Attend four board meetings a year (virtually or in person)
    • Actively serve on at least one committee
    • Promote and participate in alumni society programs and events
    • Make an annual financial contribution to the Glenn College sufficient to maintain sustaining membership status (minimum commitment, $75) in the OSU Alumni Association

    Executive Committee


    Student Representatives

    Alumni Representative to the OSU Alumni Association Advisory Council